The 5 Unexpected Friends You’ll Make In College

Which ones have you met?
by Mylene Mendoza   |  Jun 29, 2020
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College life isn’t complete without the people you experience it with. Even if you’re not exactly Miss Congeniality material, you’ve probably still made a friend or two along the way.

Some would say that college friends are the friends you’ll keep for life. And for others, the priceless friendships they’ve made throughout the four years of their collegiate life are with a totally unexpected set of people. But that’s college for you—totally unexpected but still totally worth it.

Below, we describe five unexpected friends you’ll meet and make in college.


The friend with a completely opposite personality as you.

People often bond because they share the same interests or habits. But surprisingly, you’ll find someone with a completely opposite personality as you and still click with them. You may have that one blockmate who you thought was puro arte lang but is actually a good listener and gives logical advice. Or that one intimidating friend who actually has a heart of gold. Despite having completely different interests and hobbies, you still found a friend in them and made you realize that real friendship isn’t just about what you have in common.

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The friend from your org.

For many college students, orgs are a great place to connect with different types of people. You may not see each other except during org meetings and events, but knowing that you share the same advocacies or goals helped you click.

Your dormmates.

If you’re someone who used to live away from home during college, then you’ll appreciate thoughtful dormmates who treat you like you’re family. They’ll stay up with you to pull all-nighters, have late-night heart-to-heart kwentuhan with you, and give you priceless school, love, and life advice.


That random seatmate you had in one class.

Because most of the time, there are no seating arrangements in college classes, you’ll end up sitting next to a complete stranger at some point. First, it’ll start with you casually asking each other about homework. Next thing you know, you’re silently laughing together about a funny meme in the middle of class. And you don’t even know each other’s names.

That old highschool batchmate you’ve never talked to until college.

College is like the deep ocean and you, a fresh highschool grad, were thrown into its deep end. Everything is completely new and unfamiliar, except for that highschool batchmate who ended up going to the same university as you. Even though you weren’t as tight back in high school, having that common ground makes navigating the unknown world of college a little bearable.


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