5 Types of Frenemies

Here's a guide to dealing with friends who sometimes you consider to be your enemies, too.
by Chinggay Labrador   |  Aug 1, 2010
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How to Spot Her:  She’s off stringing her gold medals to her clunky charm bracelet. (Just kidding!) Ms. Competition constantly tries to outdo everyone, especially her own precious friends. If you say you’re thinking about taking medicine in college, she’ll eagerly share how she plans on getting into Intarmed (because of her oh-so-high grades, natch). She’s been at it since you were little tykes—when you were off doing gymnastics for fun, she was secretly training to be part of the Philippine Team.

What’s Her Deal:  Looks like Ms. Competition is in need of a little (more like a lot…) recognition! She’s Ms. KSP’s first cousin (or maybe her more conniving evil twin). She’s off at the library doing extra research to add the + to her A, because she thrives on high grades, on teachers’ praise, on medals and awards during Recognition Day. It isn’t that she’s super smart, she just wants to give off the impression that she is.


Be the Bigger Person:  You can either try to beat Ms. Competition at her own game or decide to let it go. You see, you do lose by trying to outwit and outsmart Ms. Competition. School projects aren’t about showing off, they’re about learning new things. It’s not about getting zero mistakes on that exam or memorizing three pages of notes on the Krebs Cycle—it’s about knowing it in your head, for real. Don’t give even more fuel to your frenemy’s fire by sparking up some competition—let her do her thing. When you’re good, you shine on your own, no competition necessary. Besides, she’s probably terribly insecure about how smart you are.

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