5 Types of Frenemies

Here's a guide to dealing with friends who sometimes you consider to be your enemies, too.
by Chinggay Labrador   |  Aug 1, 2010
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How to Spot Her:  You know she’s a Know-It-All through her penchant for making opportune side comments all the time. “No, this is how you drive a stick.” “No, Max Brenner’s Israeli, not American.” “I knew from the beginning that Brini Maxwell was really a guy.” “I knew Carrie would win over Bo.” What’s up with that—does she do a daily Google search to get all her useless “I KNOW” trivia?

What’s Her Deal:  Maybe Ms. Know-It-All has to live with five insufferable older brothers who constantly tell her how wrong she is about everything—her friends are her only hope of salvation (or maybe not!). Ms. Know-It-All loves to rub her supreme wisdom in everybody’s faces. Ever consider that she may be fibbing half the time?

Be the Bigger Person:  Let’s face it. It’s impossible to know everything. Even Einstein was clueless about stuff at a certain point. And you know a lot of stuff that your frenemy probably doesn’t. Don’t stoop to Ms. Know-It-All’s level by bombarding the rest of your barkada with annoying “I Knows”… reserve your treasured trivia for special occasions. Maybe to throw Ms. Know-It-All a little off from time to time (without shaming her, of course). Maybe to show them that while you don’t know it all, you do know how to be a friend more than an enemy!

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