5 Types of Frenemies

Here's a guide to dealing with friends who sometimes you consider to be your enemies, too.
by Chinggay Labrador   |  Aug 1, 2010
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How to Spot Her: She stops at nothing to get everyone’s attention. She’s always cracking obnoxious jokes (in front of the boys), she hogs the Magic Mic even if she can’t sing, she upstages the celebrant at every party you attend, and she’s constantly talking about her new clothes, `new crush, even her new pimple-fighting cream. The ultimate thunder-stealer, Ms. KSP will stop at nothing until the entire world crowns her prom queen.

What’s Her Deal: She’s a Marcia Brady wannabe, but really, she’s just Jan—with the glasses, the not-so-pretty haircut, and the desperate need to be noticed by the world. She may come off as the universe’s worst show-off, but she’s probably bragging about herself because she’s got too much insecurity biting at her. (Awww.)

Be the Bigger Person: No matter how tempted you are, don’t go yelling at your friend—you’ll just cause a scene, and you know how much she’d love that. Act like the mellow yogi, and help her channel her “Look At Me, World!” vibe in a healthy way. Ask her if she’d like to put up her own weblog—rabid attention-seekers are suckers for online journals. Non-stop commenting, trackers that hit her site 100 times a day, and virtual strangers constantly asking to be linked up—what could be more perfect? We’ve all got some kind of insecurity deep in our souls. Laugh off your friend’s need to be the center of attention. In a way, she’s kind of brave to let the world know she needs a little loving.

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