5 Types of Frenemies

Here's a guide to dealing with friends who sometimes you consider to be your enemies, too.
by Chinggay Labrador   |  Aug 1, 2010
illustration by Angela Angeles
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How to Spot Her:  Oh, you don’t spot her—she spots you. In fact, she’s always around you—when her crush doesn’t text her with a smiley face (“I will never get a boyfriend!”), when she gets four mistakes on her bio quiz (“I’m flunking!”), when her mom grounds her (“She wants to disown me!”), and basically, when anything remotely negative happens to her. Chances are, if even a smidgen of a bad vibe is present, Ms. Melodrama’s there front and center.

What’s Her Deal:  The annoying thing about Ms. The-Sky-is-Falling is she thinks the solar system revolves around her petty problems. She chips her Essie manicure? Disaster. She gets scolded for breaking a curfew? Someone call 911! Truth is, your girl friend is just looking for some attention (or is majorly PMS-ing in a bad way). Your friend is not the enemy—her hormones are.


Be the Bigger Person:  Just. Be. There. For. Her. Listen. Even when her manicure-crisis makes you want to tear her nails from her fingers—listen. Everyone’s got problems, and everyone deserves a little whine time. If you can’t take the incessant talking, tune out a few minutes—she’ll be too busy complaining to even notice. The great thing about being a good friend to Ms. Melodrama is it gives you complete license to go emo on her too. Ms. Melodrama will totally understand when you act like a spoiled brat, ranting about how your older sister totally ripped off your Havaianas-fetish. When she pitches a petty prob, shrug it off and share one of your whine-worthy dilemmas too.

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