5 Types of College Groupmates No One Wants to Have

No one has the patience for freeloaders!
by Alyssa Jose   |  Oct 8, 2016
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We hate to break it to you but if you thought you could finally bid group projects goodbye after high school, you are sorely mistaken. You may see it as a blessing or a curse but group requirements are here to stay ~*forever*~. Yup, group work will still be a thing in the workplace.

Dealing with a group of people with different personalities and work ethics could be the ultimate struggle so make sure you know how to work with everyone—even with the difficult bunch.

  1. The Procrastinator

This groupmate takes pride in his first-rate cramming skills. Inspiration and motivation hits him at the last minute so don't expect him to work on tasks way before the deadline. He has proven time and time again that he can deliver quality work under time pressure but we just hope he stops giving his groupmates a panic attack a few hours before submission.


If you're the Procrastinator: It's okay to work at your own pace but make sure that you respect your groupmates' time as well. Try your best to stick with the group's time table so you don't stress the others out during clutch situations.

  1. The one who over promises but under delivers

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This groupmate commits to do everything but will unfortunately fail to accomplish half of the things she volunteered to do. The promises are made with completely good intentions; however, the problem will arise in the delivery. It will be a recipe for disaster if your group relied on those promises.

How to deal: It's cool to trust your groupmates but make sure that you communicate well with everyone and make it a point to update each other about your individual progress. Doing so will prevent an unexpected hiccup during presentation day!

  1. The Control Freak

We've all been groupmates with this one. She's the one who's likely to call at 3AM to point out a slight change in the project outline because it just can't wait until morning. She's also the one who's most likely to spend hours ~*editing*~ your work until you don't recognize it anymore. She often takes on a bulk of the work load because she just doesn't trust anyone else to do it.


If you're the Control Freak: Learn how to loosen up a bit. Give your groupmates wiggle room to shine and do their own thing. Always remember that groups work best when everyone is given the chance to contribute their ideas.

  1. The Ghost

Out of all the group meetings you've had, he's attended none. The guy doesn't even show up to class! This groupmate never contributes anything to the project, but somehow magically appears in time to present it to the class.

How to deal: Know how to be assertive when faced with this dilemma. Being a freeloader is a huge no-no in college so make sure you only give credit where credit is due. That will teach your AWOL groupmate to have more initiative the next time around!

  1. The Seenzone-r

You know she can hear your desperate calls for help; she can see your posts in the Facebook group but she just chooses to completely ignore them. What's even more frustrating is that you can see her hugot tweets all over your feed yet she can't even give you a reply about that group paper you're supposed to be doing.


If you're the Seenzone-r: It's very easy to turn a blind eye to school work especially when you are distracted with your other plans or with your personal problems but please respect the fact that your groupmates' grades are on the line, too. Try your best to always be professional or at least inform them if you wouldn't be able to deliver.

It's okay if you just realized that you have your lapses as a groupmate too. We've all had instances when we micromanaged everything and there were also times when we seenzoned messages because we were dealing with some personal stuff.It really happens. Just know that you can always learn from your shortcomings and your mistakes will not only make you a better groupmate, but also a better person.

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