5 Things You Shouldn't Do On Your Prom Night

Candymag.com Correspondents Honey and Thea teach you how to make your prom a complete disaster—or not!
by Thea Miranda, Honey Albiso   |  Feb 28, 2012
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It's not every year that you get the chance to attend prom. It's something you've looked forward to as a kid and something you'll share stories about as you grow old. So believe us when we say that the last thing you want to do at your prom is mess it up! Just so we're clear, here are five things you shouldn't do on prom night!

  1. Wear too much makeup. No guy wants a girl wearing too much makeup! Who would want their date looking like a clown? If you want to impress your friends and prom date on prom night, don't go overboard by putting on too much makeup. Go for that simple yet classy look. Natural beauty is way better than covering your face with gunk. It brings out confidence and reflects how comfortable you are in your own skin.
  2. Be late. Grand entrances are nice—but not when you're noticeably late! Make a list of things you need to do so you can avoid panicking just in case you forgot something. It's important to have the things you need in advance so you don't waste time looking for them at the last minute. You won't like the thought of your friends making memories without you, so please be on time.
  3. Wear sky-high heels. Prom is all about dancing, having fun, and enjoying the best of your teen years. You don't want to miss out on all of those things by just sitting at your table the whole night because of those uncomfortable heels! Wearing heels will make you feel like a lady, but 5-inch heels are not the answer. Go for that pair of more down-to-earth heels that won't trip you or give you blisters. If you're used to wearing sky-high heels, walk in them a couple of days before prom so you’ll get the hang of it. Bring petroleum jelly and band-aids just in case—or you know, a pair of trusty flats to change into.
  4. Be clingy. Sure you have your own date but that doesn't give you the excuse to cling on to him every single minute. Allow him to spend time with his friends or better yet, introduce him to your circle! After all, one purpose of prom is to make wonderful memories with all your friends.
  5. Clam up completely. Prom night is pretty much the most awaited event in a girl's teenage life. After years of imagining how your prom night would be like or months of planning of how perfect things should turn out, nerves are bound to be the deal breaker. Do not clam up completely on your prom night! Don't pepper your conversation with your date with awkward silence, long pauses, or worse, ignoring your date by focusing on your mobile phone the whole night. That would just be a total turn off. Here's a suggestion: keep that phone inside your purse, and live in the moment. Just be yourself and have fun! It is a once in a lifetime experience so cherish every moment!
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