5 Things You Do When You're Around Your Crush

Guilty as charged!
by Mara Agner   |  Jan 28, 2017
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Whether you're 13 or 23, there's nothing like the feeling a crush can bring. It's two parts kilig and one part embarrassing (at least later in life when you're so over him, LOL!). And while we all know how it feels like to have a crush, only our friends know the totally unintentional transformation we go through when we're around them. Below are five of the most common transformations. 

  1. You steal quick glances of him.

Like every 10 seconds! And you get creative with your ways, to the point that even when you're looking down, you still find a way to get a glimpse of him.

  1. You act normal. NOT!

For some reason, you get self-conscious and behave a certain way, like sound cute or act a bit more refined. Suddenly, you're a totally different person! Whatever happened to being yourself?

  1. You try to get his attention.

Admit it, when your crush is around, your voice suddenly is a little flirtier, your actions are a little bigger, and your laugh, a little louder in the hopes of getting noticed by him.


  1. You try to suppress the kilig.

Even when what you really want to do is scream like crazy or slap your friend's arm or whatever object that's next to you!

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  1. You try to act cool and end up saying or doing something stupid.

Maybe it's to impress him or let him know that you both have the same interests, when he's around, you try to make a joke or a compliment (that usually comes off as offensive or insulting) or unintentionally do something weird, like salute to him, LOL! 

How many of these have you done? Share your funny crush stories in the comments below!

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