5 Things Students Living in Dorms Can Relate To

You're always on "naglalayas" mode before and after every school year.
by Karen Terese Rojas   |  Jun 16, 2017
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Schools, more specifically universities, sometimes have different campuses that offer different courses. They may offer selected courses in the entire system but other courses are only offered in specific campuses. Because of this, some students are forced to study away from home just to pursue their dream course. Here are five things students who live in a dorm just to follow their dreams can relate to.

  1. You get homesick when you're alone in your dorm.

Homesickness is a common occurrence for students studying far from home. This usually happens to students in their first year of classes in a new school (away from family). More often than not, you feel more homesick when you're alone in your dorm or apartment because you've got no one to talk to, especially at night.

  1. Your routine is mainly dorm-class-dorm.

During the first year in a new place, you tend to be a homebody because you don't know anyone yet. You still don't have anyone to talk to or eat lunch with, so you just go about with your classes and return to your dorm after it's done. This usually stops when you're in your second year when you already have friends to hang out with.

  1. You're always on "naglalayas" mode before and after every school year.

Living away from home means bringing half of your closet, an electric fan, bed sheets, shoes, and other necessities to your dorm for the next four or five years. You look like you're about to move out from your family home because of the amount of stuff you're packing and vice versa. It's also a task because you'd have to do it every start and end of the year because dorms usually require you to bring your stuff home for security purposes.

  1. You always have to budget your money for meals, requirements, and groceries.

Parents usually give you a fixed amount at the start of the week when you're studying far from home. With the allowance they give you, you have to divide it between your meals, readings, projects, and snacks. It can become a difficult task especially during hell week because this is usually the time when readings are being given out or projects are being done. There's a huge chance that the allowance your parents give you isn't enough and you'd have to ask them to deposit a small amount to your ATM.

  1. Your parents constantly ask you if you're already in your dorm.

"Dorm ka na?" is usually the text you'll receive from your parents when they see it's already 7pm and if you don't reply ASAP, Mom or Dad will surely call you to ask for your whereabouts. And if you tell them you're still at a group meeting or film showing, they'd be texting you continuously until your meeting is finished and you're safely home. It may seem as an overprotective habit but your parents just want you safe always. 

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