5 Things Not To Do When There's A Supertyphoon Coming

And what to actually do to be prepared!
by Macy Alcaraz   |  Nov 6, 2013
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Whenever there's a typhoon coming, classes are bound to get suspended. And yes, we were in high school once and we do know how ecstatic you might feel when the announcement is released. "Walang pasok!!!" But really, screaming at the top of your lungs out of joy should be the least of your concerns. Here are 5 things you shouldn't do when you know there's a typhoon coming.


  1. Call your gal pals and have a par-tay. First of all, you should be reserving your phone battery for emergencies! Typhoons usually mean that power shortage and blackouts aren't far behind. So make sure all your gadgets and emergency lights are fully charged!

  2. Head out to the mall and shop till you drop. You should actually stay indoors if you don't really have any business going outside. I mean, what if you get struck by lightning, get stranded somewhere far, or get flooded in? Let's be practical here. The smart thing to do is stay in your room and catch up on schoolwork. Okay, fine, maybe catch up on your weekend reads.

  3. Take selfies and post endless Twitter rants like "OMG, I'm so bored here at home." If you must use the Internet, do something that's helpful to the situation. Offer to monitor updates from PAGASA or Project NOAH. There are also hash tags to monitor on Twitter such as #floodPH (for flood reports), #reliefPH (for those in need of relief goods and donations), #rescuePH (for those stranded who need help), and #SafeNow (for those who have already been rescued). You can still help even if you're "stuck at home."

  4. Have a raid-the-fridge-see-who-eats-the-most face-off with your little brother. If the weather gets super bad, you want to have enough food to keep yourself nourished. It won't be so easy to drive to the grocery when the wind is beating down your windows and there's zero visibility. Also, if you have more than enough food, it'll be good to reserve some for any relief operations in your area.

  5. Go out and not care because "hello, there's no rain naman in my area." Just because you're not affected doesn't mean you can do whatever you want. Have a little compassion for those who are stuck in the rain, those who may lose their homes, and those who can't afford to be as complacent as you. How can you help? There are so many ways: donate, volunteer, report, and stay positive.

We hope you all stay safe and dry wherever you are tonight. Sending out positive thoughts to all of you and let's hope the supertyphoon won't be as bad as they report it to be. But stay alert and hope that tomorrow, the sun will be bright and shiny!

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