5 Places Perfect for Studying Near UP Manila and DLSU

by Yana Kalaw   |  Jun 28, 2017
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Let's be honest, being in college is more than just going to uni and attending classes. It's mostly composed of late night study sessions, big-ass coffee cups that you rely on every single night just to stay awake, and the countless amount of homework that you do in the morning because you accidentally fell asleep during that "nap" of yours. If this hasn't happened to you yet, the time will come. Trust me. Nobody graduates college without going through these at least once.

So to those people who refuse to study where their beds are or are sick of their local coffee shop, here are five places you can go to while cramming all your papers and assignments.

  1. Mr. Park's

Mr. Parks is a café that's open for 24 hours, so it's definitely the perfect place to pull an all-nighter. You can find it in Adriatico Street near Robinson's Place Manila. They play Korean pop music softly in the background which is a plus for all the K-Pop lovers out there. They offer pastries and drinks that range from P50 to P170. They also have a very nice aesthetic. Most importantly, Wi-Fi is available. The only downside to this café is there are no outlets available, so if you plan on staying here, better prepare your gadgets for a whole night of studying.


  1. Coreon Gate

Coreon Gate is an internet café with branches in Taft near DLSU and in Adriatico St. near UP Manila. These two branches have their fair share of similarities and differences. For one, they are both open 24 hours and they have available outlets everywhere. They have fast Wi-Fi but it lasts for a limited time only. Buying food or a drink entitles you to five hours of internet connection for one device or, if you just need Wi-Fi, an hour costs P40, but this will be available to more than one gadget. Both shops are frequented by students, especially the one near UPM, so it's better if you come early to get seats. Both serve Korean meals ranging from P50 to P200 but the Coreon Gate near DLSU has more variety. By this, I mean Coreon Gate Taft offers delicious bingsu. 

  1. Bo's Coffee

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The fact that Bo's Coffee has "coffee" in its name already affirms that coffee is their specialty and they make sure they serve it right. With their drinks ranging from P150 to P200. It's basically the same price as other famous coffee shops. The food may be a bit pricier especially if you have a limited budget, but it tastes amazing—Bacon Pesto is my favorite. They're open from 7am to 2am every Monday to Thursday, 7am to 11pm every Fridays and Saturdays, and 7am to 8pm every Sunday.

  1. Tambayan

Tambayan is known to be a drinking place for most UPM students, but little do people know that they serve unlimited coffee or tea for only P100 to P120. It's also a great place to study since there's wi-fi. The second floor is mostly where the partying and drinking happens, so the first floor is not as loud as you would imagine it to be. There's only limited outlets and the food is a bit expensive for a college student's allowance, but it's a good option when there are no more seats in the other cafés. Tambayan is open from 11am to 2am.

  1. Barn's Café

Barn's Cafe is also known to be more of a drinking place for DLSU students but there's actually a café in the second floor. Cool, right? They're open from 9am to 9pm. Since they close early, it's not much of a place for late-night studying but it's perfect for those whole-day study sessions where you can eat quality and affordable meals ranging from Php120 to Php 300. The frappes in Barn's Café are also a must-try.

Want to write about food spots or study places near your school? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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