5 Signature Elements of a Princess-themed Debut

  |  May 22, 2015
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Princess-themed debuts have that sophisticated and feminine flair that let debutantes feel like real royalty. With its elegant details, it's no wonder that most debutantes opt to incorporate it in their debut. If you're pulling off a princess theme for your debut, here are five must-haves (and fail-safe elements) to include in your party.

A Bouffant Gown
Princesses are famous for their elegant gowns with full skirts, so show off your charm with a bouffant gown on your debut. Or if you're not into layers of tulle and petticoats, you may skip that and have a long train instead.

A princess won't be a princess without a tiara. Aside from wearing one, you may also incorporate tiaras into your other debut details. For instance, you may give out tiaras asfavors, or embellish your cake with a tiara topper. You may also prepare tiara props for your photo booth. You just have to be creative in adding tiaras to various debut elements. Just make sure the tiaras complement the rest of your details to achieve cohesion.

A Motif with Pastels
Pastel motifs are perfect for princess-themed debuts because they naturally exude a charming and sweet demeanor. However, if you feel that an all-pastel motif isn't your personality, you may also pair pastels with vibrant colors that add oomph.

Enchanting Decor
You can't have a princess-themed debut unless your venue is filled with enchanting décor.Adorn your venue with charming floral details and regal elements like crystals that will add an air of opulence. Think of pulling off your own royal feast!

Lots of sweets
Sweet treats perfectly complement a princess' pleasant demeanor. Serve lots of desserts—you may even have a candy buffet so your guests can enjoy a variety of sweets. Also, don't forget to choose a pretty cake to match your princess-themed debut.

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