5 Reasons Why You Should Be Glad You're Single

Because there really is such a thing as happily single!
by Alyssa Jose   |  Nov 10, 2014
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Long gone are the days when people who are single are perceived to be unhappy and empty just because they're not in a relationship. In fact, it's actually really important for every girl to know that not having a boyfriend doesn't mean you're missing out and incomplete. Being single is more than okay because being with another person should never define you. So remember not to feel bad for yourself for not having a special boy in your life because there are so many reasons to why being single totally rules!

  1. You have more time for yourself.
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    Being single gives you the chance to have complete control over your own time. Yes, "me time" is alone time, but it does not have to be lonely. Grab the opportunity to write poems, practice yoga, try a new sport, learn how to bake, and do other things you've been dying to try. Do more of the things that make you happy and choose activities that make you feel good about yourself. You're sure to rediscover the lost art of enjoying one's own company in the process.
  2. You have more time to spend with your besties.

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    Not being in a relationship is not such a terrible thing if you get to share it with your BFFs. Being single will totally give you more time and what better way to spend your time than with your besties. Spending time with your friends will make you realize that you don't really have to enter a romantic relationship to be happy. Being single is a time of self-discovery and growth, but it can also make you feel insecure at times, so a solid support group is a must!
  3. You learn to be patient.

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    I know you're probably tired of people telling you that you don't really find love because love finds you and that Mr. Right will come your way at the right time. They may seem cliché but there's really some truth in these old sayings. Love will come into your life when you least expect it so you don't always have to go out of your way in search of love. Being single involves a lot of waiting but remember that you won't be waiting in vain because someone will come into your life when you're ready.
  4. You get to focus on your goals and dreams.
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    We have to admit that being in a relationship can distract us from the things we need to accomplish. When you're single you get to concentrate and give your full commitment to your goals in life. You get to focus more on your life dreams and on the little goals you set for yourself every single day. It's better to just enjoy life's moments and take all the time in the world because you're young and there's so much out there for you to discover. Trust me, your future self with thank you for it.
  5. You get to save yourself from the stress of being in a relationship.

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    Relationships are not just all about late-night conversations, movie datesk and perfect cinematic moments. In reality you won't always see eye to eye with your boyfriend and there will really be things you'll disagree on. A relationship requires maturity because you invest time, effort, and feelings to make it work. There will be times when you have to compromise and it really takes maturity to be able to do that. Choosing to be single will give you more time to wait until you're actually ready for a real commitment.

Remember that being single does not reflect your worth as a person. There's so much more to you than your current Facebook relationship status. Be aware of the fact that your are in control of your own life and it is as beautiful as you choose to make it. You should take your time to grow as an individual and strive to be a better version of yourself everyday. Choosing to be single can be something empowering and that's something you should be proud of. When you're finally ready, somebody will come into your life and that person will be totally worth the wait.

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