5 Reasons Why It's Not Okay to Body Shame Yourself or Anyone Else

It's not cool and will never be.
by Erin Torrejon   |  Apr 19, 2015
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Just recently Selena Gomez was put under the spotlight and it wasn't for her music or love life. In fact, it was for wearing a tight pink bikini while on vacation and multiple people commented on how the singer looked bigger than usual and some even went on to say really mean things about Selena and judged her entire physical appearance. Since we don't want to add to the issue, we're not here to show the photo but instead we want to point out how all the judgements and criticism is a form of body shaming. Body shaming is making someone feel ashamed or uncomfortable about their own body type whether it's judging a person for being too fat or too skinny, either way it's definitely not cool. Why isn't it okay? We list it all down below so you get a better picture of why it's time to stop all of it.


 1  It's not acceptable to make yourself or anyone feel less about themselves just because of their body type or size.

 2  Loving yourself is the one thing you should do for yourself and body shaming will only lead you to insecurity.

 3  You should not define yourself or anyone else by their body weight, size, or shape.

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 4  Happiness should not be dependent on the opinion of any one person on your body or anyone else's body.

 5  Accepting and loving every bit of yourself is the key to finding true happiness and knowing your self worth.

And Selena was definitely the perfect example of all these reasons because instead of fighting back after all the mean things said about her, she simply posted this photo below with the caption "I love being happy with me yall #theresmoretolove." 



So why don't we all just stop with body shaming and spread the self love instead? The world will definitely a much happier place! ;)

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