5 Movie Heroines Who Should Be Your Next Life Peg

Gals who kick ass are the perfect #lifeinspo!

Guys love their superhero movies. Little do they know that girls love theirs, too. Over the course of time, the movie industry has given us action-packed superhero sci-fi films with female leads and they've all been pretty phenomenal so far. It paves the way for girls all around the world to look up to heroines with brave souls and kind hearts, although fictional, still influences their lives in a good way. These role models play a big part in promoting the ability of women to fight for what they stand for and help those who are in need. These are the movie heroines that should be every young woman's life peg.

  1. Hermione Granger of the Harry Potter series

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Let's face it, her bestfriends Harry and Ron would've been dead by the first movie if it wasn't for Hermione. Her quick-witted and intelligent mind saved so many lives in all of the eight movies! Whether it's sucker-punching Draco Malfoy in the face or just simply correcting pronunciation of spells, you can count on this extraordinary wizard to be bravely defend herself and her friends. Smart and sassy, not to mention hella pretty, Hermione Granger is one of Hogwarts' finest and someone we should all be looking up to.

  1. Katniss Everdeen of the Hunger Games series


Not only is she an immensely-skilled archer but she is also a loving sister and friend. Katniss Everdeen was ready to go to war to fight for justice and for the welfare of her loved ones. What’s admirable about her the most is that she puts other first before her. And although there were people she failed to save, including her beloved sister, Prim *cue tears*, she never stopped the fight and made sure justice and peace were restored for others.

  1. Tris Prior of the Divergent series


A divergent means a person belongs to more than one faction and Tris belongs to all five of it. This means she's kind, selfless, smart, honest and of course, fearless. If that isn't role model material, then I don't know what is. She's the kind of girl who's just not going without a fight. Remember her hand combat with Peter in her first few days in Dauntless? Clearly, your homegirl couldn't put up a fight even if she wanted to... but she kept going. This goes to show that Tris was a determined soul even to the most impossible challenges.

  1. Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens


We don't know for sure if she's a Skywalker yet but the first few scenes of Rey in Star Wars already showed her impressive capabilities. She has no family or proper shelter whatsoever but she lives off of selling spaceship scraps and remains. This girl probably has more street smarts than we'll ever know. She also caught our hearts when she decided to take care of BB-8 instead of selling it to the dealer. What a sweetheart! But her strong intentions to do good is what makes her worthy to be part of this list.

  1. Black Widow of the Avenger series


It already amazes me that she can go head to head with the Avengers without superpowers or a super suit. I mean the woman has got some mad fighting skills that can already amount to a superpower. She may often be shunned by her dark history but Black Widow rose to the occasion showing everyone that she can’t be defined by her past. Black Widow taught us that women can fight alongside men (with extremely mind-blowing superpowers) and still slay every bit of it.

Did your favorite heroine make the list?









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A Simple Learner Who's a Great Pretender

Maybe I'm just a learner, not a weirdo. A learner that knows how to listen and pretend. A simple learner who's a great pretender. Pretending to be slightly dumb enough not to be judged and criticized by those who do not appreciate my existence. We surround ourselves with people who's levels are either beyond or below our intellectual behavior, because as for reality, people may use you either for their success or your downfall. Since then, people tend to judge someone who has an intellect with things they shouldn't be. Making them a criticizer, and most of all, calling them weird.

Honestly, I'm one of this "weirdo" who actually loves to learn things, and for the record, I'm bullied and stressed out for making myself not to learn more and go with the flow to dumbness I had. Have you ever feel being assigned to some task where you know every process to make it easier and faster to finish but turns out to hesitate to voice out because some of your mates put themselves in charge. There are times where I know what to do, what to say, or how to react, but kept myself silent and pretend not to know anything that may help us. Maybe it's a good thing to just go with their ideas and learn from their perspectives, but sometimes you can't control it and says something, and once again called to be a weirdo and let you finish the work by yourself.

It's annoying that you only know one process yet they gave you the whole work and let you finish it by yourself because they insist that "MAGALING KA DIBA?". It's not your fault being an intellectual person, knowing such things that may help you to pursue your dreams, and have the basic knowledge about something. You don't need to know everything, just the basics. And as for those people who do not appreciate your existence, let them be and continue what's the best for you. In some cases, you'll be annoyed by this but most of the time you'll be thankful for it. Not for now but maybe later. Just be yourself either a weirdo, a great pretender, or a simple learner, and always remember to lower your voice and behavior because no one loves that.

Just be a great pretender not to hear any runts and be a good learner that appreciates everything. It's out of nowhere thoughts of mine, but simply I leave you this my favorite life quotation; "Don't introduce yourself, Let your success introduce you"

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