5 Mistakes You Are Allowed to Make at Least Once in Your Life

by Alyssa Jose   |  Aug 14, 2016
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Testing the waters by just dipping your toes won't be enough to understand life's greatest lessons. Sometimes you really have to learn things the hard way and be at the forefront of heartbreak and pain and loss.

Trusting the wrong people.

Truth bomb: Sometimes the people you believe in the most will throw you under the bus. They will leave you hanging; they will disappoint and even consciously hurt you. It happens. It's just that our young, naïve souls tend to forget that our trust is something that should be won so we give it away like we give out polite smiles to strangers. When trusting the wrong people blows up on your face, know that it will give you the eyes to see who is worth your trust the next time around.

Being in a toxic relationship.

You will fall so deep in love you'd think you will never see the surface again. Looking into his eyes will drown you, and burying yourself in his arms will pull you under but you are young and you will let him take you anywhere. You will try to stay with him for as long as he wants you to even when your lungs are giving out. You will go with the current until you realize that you are out of breath. Remember that losing yourself in a relationship has a silver lining; the experience will make you realize that true love doesn't suffocate. It sets free.

Burning yourself out.

There are days when we feel invincible, infinite, as if nothing could stand in our way to achieving our ambitions. When we're on a stride, we get scared of pit stops for they could ruin our momentum and cost us the whole race. These are also the days when you'll overwork yourself and forego the things that make you feel alive. Making this mistake will tire the life out of you and you will be at your unhappiest, but it can also make you realize that life is so much more than being first place.


Overworking your body.

You'll never realize the importance of taking good care of yourself until you get really sick. Being young does not give you an excuse to be reckless and being at the pink of health right now does not give you the pass to make bad health decisions. Stop pulling off all-nighters for fun, start giving up all that junk food and see to it that you get moving. Your future self will be grateful!

Neglecting the people who love you.

Don't wait for the universe to make you realize what you have now by taking it away from you. Make it a point to call your parents. Go check on your friends from time to time. Say "I love you" more often. Just appreciate the people go out of their way for your happiness before it's all too late.

Mistakes are not all bad news! Making mistakes is part of life; even the best of us have faults. What matters at the end of the day is how you bounce back from them.

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