5 in 5: Gretchen Ho

Get to know 5 lesser known facts about this gorgeous Lady Eagle!
by Athena Cartagena   |  Aug 9, 2013
PHOTO Monica Savellano
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  1. She was a well-rounded college gal. Although volleyball and her academics as an Management Engineering and Communication major were more than enough to keep her occupied, Gretchen was active in orgs such as the Ateneo Christian Life Community (ACLC) and school events like  the Freshman Orientation Seminar (OrSem). She also managed a food stall in the JGSOM Student Enterprise Center and dabbled in modeling.

  2. She fights for education. Gretchen, an inspiration to plenty of young people, is a very strong advocate for education. "Education is the foundation of everyone. I want the youth to believe in education and see its importance, [to be] something they won't take for granted," she says. "If you don't know a lot, people will take advantage of you [and] your view of the world is very limited. If you're educated, it will help you to become really successful and allow you to help other people as well," she adds.

  3. She already misses being a student. Aside from playing volleyball (which she has been doing for the past ten years), what Gretchen misses most about school is the learning environment and just being a student itself.  "At work, you learn a lot, but it's different when you're a student, you just have to be open to whatever's being taught to you not like when you're working sometimes there are risks... But I will definitely not miss the tests!," this fresh grad says.

  4. She's a closet singer! When asked about her talent that people don't get to see often, Gretchen answers, "I sing a lot at home. I sing everywhere. Hindi naman ganon ka-ganda 'yung boses ko pero makapal lang yung mukha ko. I like music, I like singing. It puts me in a good mood and it's also a form of expression."

  5. She's an adventurer. Gretchen likes looking for new places to eat and new movies to watch, among others. “I always go on small adventures and discover something new,” she tells us.

To read about Gretchen's life lessons from playing volleyball, check out your August issue.

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