Here are 5 Fun Game Ideas You Can Consider For Your 18th Birthday Party

  |  Feb 28, 2015
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Your debut celebration wouldn't be as fun an affair without games. Having such would not only turn up the energy among your guests, but would also allow you to establish rapport with them. For a fun and festive debut, here are five games you can do at your party.

I Spy
If you want more photos of your debut from your guests POV, play a photo hunting game like I Spy. Create a list of the things or moments you want to be captured, place it on each table and let your guests use their camera phones to take photos of the items on your list (i.e. a red rose, a purple gown). You may also take it to another level by including videos on your list. The first one to complete the list wins and gets a special prize.

Scavenger Hunt
This is quite similar to I Spy, but this one requires less effort. Before the arrival of your guests,write down the prizes on pieces of paper, and hide the pieces of paper in unusual areas(like under a chair or amongst the flowers in the centerpieces) and let your guests search for them. Small prizes like bags of chocolates and a major prize like a spa treatment will let you thank your guests for coming.

Fun Facts
Test your friendship with your BFFs with a how-well-do-you-know-me challenge. In this game, your host would ask questions about you, and your friends' answers should match yours. Questions can be about random things, like your favorite color, your middle name, or even your most embarrassing moment. Another way to play this game is to have the host make two statements—one true and one false—about you. Participants will try to guess which statement's fact, and which one's fiction. The one who gets the most number of correct answers wins!


Live Band Karaoke
If your friends love belting out past or current hits, why not stage a live karaoke session with your hired band? You can ask participants to choose from a list of pre-selected songs (perhaps your favorite tunes), and have your band accompany their number. You can have a panel of judges, or just ask the audience to vote for their favorite contestant by clapping. This won't only be a fun game, but it gives your debut instant entertainment numbers as well!

Dress Up Relay
Relay games always bring excitement to everyone. If your friends have no qualms about looking silly, you might want to do a dress up relay featuring your male friends. Compose a team of two, prepare two piles of women's clothing, and two end points. On the host's cue, theparticipants will have to wear the all clothes and run towards the end point (You may even ask them to wear heels for good measure!). At the end point, another team member will be waiting to wear the clothes to the starting point. The team who finishes first wins. This sounds fun because you'll get to see your male friends act silly with women's clothes on!

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