Here's How You Can Personalize Your Debut Invitations

Check out our ideas for making your debut invitations unique.
  |  Apr 25, 2015
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Your debut invitations will set the tone of your party, and you surely want yours to perfectly represent you. There are several ways you can personalize your invites—below are just some ideas. 

Make your own
There are two ways to make your own invitations: painstakingly craft each one by hand (if you're good with crafts) or do the layout (if you're good with graphic design). Either way, you'll surely be putting your personal stamp on your own debut invitations. 

Use a tone that's yours
If your party is going to be more laid-back than formal, feel free to do away with the traditional wordings. Instead, use a casual tone to send the message across that you'll throw a fun party. 

Include a photo or two
Put your pre-debut photos to good use by incorporating one or two in your invitations. This works great if your pre-debut shoot and your debut party will have the same theme. A tip: resist the urge to use too many photos though—you can just flash the rest on the screen at your debut party. 


Add a special logo
To keep your debut details cohesive, you can have one tying element--like a logo, which you can use in various elements. You can start using your special logo in your debut invitations to give your guests a preview of your party.

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Send a trinket along with each set
A fun way to let guests know about the theme? Send invitations with small favors, which they can use at your event. For example, if you're having a princess-themed affair, you can give each guest an inexpensive tiara or crown along with the invite.

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