5 Friendship Mistakes You Have to Forgive in the Long Run

You don't have to be proud all the time.
by Arra Bayan   |  Oct 1, 2016
Art: Clare Magno
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Friendships are no exception to the finiteness of everything else in this world. They will end eventually, in ways we'd barely expect them to. But that doesn't mean that we should take them for granted, nor should we treat them not worthy of our time. Any friendship is a bond, regardless of the extent of our closeness with another person, and every time we decide to treat it less, we lose the opportunity to make a significant connection with them. Sometimes, we feel that our friends don't appreciate this bond as much as we do, but instead of being proud and letting them realize their mistakes on their own, perhaps what they need is just a little more consideration. Before we decide to completely throw our relationship away, we might want to re-evaluate and see if things can still be fixed and forgiven. After all, we can only learn to make things better from committing these mistakes.

  1. When they prioritize other people over you.

Here's something to understand about making a friendship work—you're not the only person in their life. Though it is a given that as friends, you should have time for each other, you can’t expect them to devote all their energy on you. Don't be misguided if they haven't shown themselves recently. Be the one to ask them how they are; make the initiative to reconnect. There’s no need to be jealous, just a need to be more considerate.

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  1. When they don't ask you how you're doing.

There will always be a point in our lives when we'll be in desperate need of comfort and reassurance, and you can definitely count on your friends to be there for you all the time. However, they aren't mind readers, nor are they psychic. Don't expect your friends to always be the one to ask what's going on in your life. You should be able to freely express yourself to them whenever you feel that you have to. Don't be reluctant to open yourself up, and avoid expecting that they know everything. They don't, so help them understand.

  1. When they get the things that you want.

This isn't really a mistake, but it’s something that we'd have to forgive soon enough. It's too cliché, but really, we shouldn't let our desires get in the way of our friendship. No tangible thing is ever too valuable than a trusted friend and a worthy confidant. So set aside the things of the past, and just be happy for them. It might take a while, but what's important is that we get there, and that we are content with what we have now.

  1. When they talk behind your back.

We're entitled to feel cheated whenever someone says nasty things about us behind our back, but we shouldn’t let our demons get the best of us. If our friends really are as valuable as we believe them to be, then no amount of gossip should ever be enough to destroy our friendship.

  1. When they take you for granted.

It's never a great feeling whenever we feel that we're not given as much importance. But we have to realize that often times, this feeling is just brought about by circumstance. If there are moments when we feel that we really aren't akcnowledged at all, don't be too quick to pull the trigger. In the end, it always boils down to analyzing the situation and making sure you don’t commit things without the slightest effort of confrontation.

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