5 Edible (and Yummy!) Giveaways for Your Debut

  |  Feb 15, 2015
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As your guests leave your debut party, you want to send them home with delightful treats.And since (almost) everyone claims to be a foodie nowadays, your guests will definitely enjoyedible favors (that will most likely melt their hearts too!). If you want to leave a mark of satisfaction (especially in their tummies), these five edible favors are your best bet. Check them out!

Baked Goodies
Delectable sweets, such as cheesecakes, cupcakes, and cookies will always be favorites. Have them packed in clear boxes, or put them in fancy mason jars for a rustic flair. There's nothing more satisfying than taking home treats for the sweet tooth. Include sweet thank-you notes and your guests will be more than thankful, too.

Personalized Candies
Who can resist a variety of personalized candies in pretty packaging? (We can't!) Have candies made in your debut's colors—some suppliers will even let you choose icons to put on the candies. Spoil your guests with candies tagged with your thank-you messages. Candies keep them happy, especially as they head home.

Bag of Fruits or Nuts
Fresh fruits like strawberries and grapes make for great giveaways, but fruits wrapped in chocolate will also win the hearts of your guests. Caramelized apples are also great. Add sprinkles, coat them with chocolate or vanilla, and they'll make for awesome favors. Candied almonds are other alternatives you can consider.

Coffee Beans or Tea Bags
Food items aren't the only giveaways you can give your guests—good drinks will make for happy hearts as well. For your caffeine-loving friends, have special coffee beans wrapped in burlap bags. If you have guests who are not into coffee, tea bags are the best alternative. Conversations over a cup of coffee or tea (especially with friends) are great, and your giveaways can help facilitate your next bonding session. 


Mini Wine Bottles
You can skip the shots at your party, and instead have wine serve as your favors instead. Wine favors are classic gifts you can give to your adult guests. For younger guests, you can give out non-alcoholic beverages like bottled sparkling grape juice and or lemonade. You may also decorate the bottles with your own labels for that personal touch.

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