5 Easy Steps to Practicing Yoga

by Arra Bayan   |  Sep 6, 2015
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Ample relaxation time is key to living a healthy lifestyle, and the practice of yoga will surely satisfy your pampering needs. Other than keeping you relaxed and calm, this exercise helps  improve flexibility, posture, and strength, not to mention, it’s also beneficial for your heart!  There’s absolutely no reason not to try it. So, get ready to roll your mats as we offer you  these helpful tips on how to integrate the practice of yoga to your daily routine.

 1  Search which yoga type best suits you.

Yoga has several types, and finding the type that fits your needs is very important, since some can get pretty challenging. If you’re a first-timer to yoga, spare yourself the risk of getting your limbs in a tangle and go with hatha. It offers an easy introduction to the most basic yoga postures. Once you’ve mastered these poses, you can move on to the harder types, like vinyasa or ashtanga.

 2  Watch yoga videos on YouTube.

If you’re not into participating in a large class, or you simply don’t have access to one, you can always rely on online videos to be your saving grace. There are definitely plenty to choose from, one of which is Tara Stiles’ YouTube Channel. Her videos are super easy to follow, and only last for about five to ten minutes each!

 3  Learn what to expect.

Be sure to know what you’re getting yourself into; you wouldn’t want to be the one falling asleep during meditation. Learn what to wear, bring, and the proper etiquette during class ahead of time. Knowing the ins and outs of yoga will come a long way, and this extra knowledge will make it easier for you to adapt to the exercise. 


 4  Get committed.

Yoga is more than just your average workout. It is a philosophy; a way of life, that requires the utmost commitment. Making small changes in your daily routine, such as eating healthier, and of course, attending yoga sessions regularly, will help in attaining the better lifestyle you’re in search for. This exercise will work only if you make it work for you, so be sure to dedicate yourself entirely to the practice.

 5  Attend the Global Mala Project Manila.

What better way to start your yoga journey than by joining largest unified worldwide yoga event? The Global Mala Project is a one-day yoga buffet that will consist of over 40 classes headed by the some of the best yogis in the country. Happening on September 26, 2015 from 8AM-10PM at Whitespace Manila, this event aims to create a “mala around the earth”, and is dedicated to spreading peace and positive change around the world. Taking part in this global celebration would definitely jumpstart your yoga practice! Check their Facebook page for more information.

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