Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too!

For a unique debut cake, choose among these pretty and yummy ideas.
  |  Jan 17, 2015
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Your debut cake is one major detail you can't miss at your debut party—especially since most guests will be expecting you to approach a cake when they sing Happy Birthday. More than just eye candy, the cake may also serve as a sweet treat for your guests. Whether your debut's a traditional or a modern affair, here's a list of ideas for your debut cake.

Tiered Cake
If you're among the debutantes who want to have a sky-high debut cake, a tiered cake is great for you. Three-tier cakes are common, but your cake may even be higher to exude opulence and elegance or shorter for a laid-back affair (A tip: not all layers have to be edible!). Jazz up your cake with details that match your theme (like oversized flowers on top for an enchanted theme, perhaps).  You can never go out of style with this timeless cake idea.


Satellite Cakes
Instead of having one tiered cake, you may have several single-tier cakes. Your satellite cakes can come in different sizes and flavors, and can be arranged any way you want. These pretty cakes can be placed on a decorative cake stand on a table that's also dressed up according to your theme.  

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Miniature Cake
Not quite a cake but also not quite a cupcake, a miniature cake is a medium-sized, single-tiered cake that's ideal for an intimate debut. While large and towering cakes look impressive, a miniature cake can also look remarkable when you decorate it with nice embellishments like lace and ribbon. Add an attractive topper and it'll be more than wonderful. To cut costs, you can cut the miniature cake for show, and then serve sheet cakes to your guests.

Cupcake Tower
Cupcake towers have been popular in the past years, and its popularity will most probably not expire anytime soon since it's a modern yet inexpensive concept. Whether you'll have an intimate or large debut party, a cupcake tower is great if you want to cut costs. It will also save yourself from the hassle of distributing cakes to your guests. Pack each cupcake in a cute box, and you'll have instant favors for your guests, too!


Carved Cakes
Carved cakes are also popular, especially for themed affairs. These cakes come in fun shapesother than the usual round or square cakes. For example, if you have a fashion-themed debut, you may have a cake shaped like a chic bag or a pair of stilettos. With a carved cake, you can make your cake as unique as possible.

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