5 Benefits of Letting Go of Toxic Friends and Being the Better Person

Applicable to toxic boyfriends, too!
by Reins Mikalyn Melitante   |  Jul 23, 2017
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Life is truly amazing and it really does work in mysterious ways. Each day we come across making new friends who can bring a whole new adventure into our lives. Sadly, not everyone we meet can stay forever and it is inexplicable why some friends just come and go. It can definitely be hard to let go of someone you once shared everything with, but life still goes on and if we still tend to hold on to these people it can just waste our time. So maybe now is the time for you to also take a step forward and let go of things that you can no longer control. Reality check: Life won't always turn out the way we want to, but we can choose how we want to live by it. Let's move forward in life by becoming better people and just living life to the fullest. Here are a few benefits once you let go of those toxic people and just become the better person.


  1. Experiencing new things.

Once you let go of people that you can no longer satisfy, you'll start to focus more on yourself. You'll be able to have the free time to wonder around new sets of adventure and explore as many possibilities. It's a vast world out there; hence, don't hesitate to keep on grabbing opportunities and seeking to find out your skills and capabilities.

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  1. Meeting new people.

Along our journey, no doubt we'll encounter meeting new people and making new friends. It may be terrifying at first, but remember these people are different and they will bring out a new chapter of your life. Just never forget to choose the right people who you want to be with because the wrong people will use you, but the right people will love you.

  1. A better perspective.

Letting go and moving forward can change your perspective in life. You'll see that everyone is not perfect and we all have our own flaws and imperfections, but, it's okay because having these weak points make us who we are and unique from one another. You just now have to accept them and use them as a source to become better.

  1. Growing.

These toxic friends may have hurt us, but they surely gave us something to learn from. Nevertheless, we shouldn't hard on ourselves nor blame them for tormenting us in such a way. Letting go and moving on can help us learn from our past mistakes and things we need to consider changing to become better people. So never think that the friendship you once had was a total waste, in a way, it gave you something to learn and grow from. 

  1. Love thy self.

As you let go of these toxic people, eventually you'll see that you are capable of doing something even greater. You'll come to realize that you won't even need these people anymore because life goes on giving you more possibilities for you to encounter and explore. All you have to do is choose wisely and always seek to go to the right journey.

So remember, Candy Girls, it's okay to let go of things we can't control. Our lives have bigger plans for us and we shouldn't hold on and let these toxic people hinder our way to becoming better versions of ourselves. Learn from your mistakes and use to them as a source to become a better person not only for ourselves, but also for other people. 


Got more ideas to add to this list? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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