4 Ways to Set Effective Resolutions for the New Year

by Arra Bayan   |  Dec 30, 2015
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December is slowly coming to an end, and you know what that means. It's time to set resolutions for the year ahead! Resolutions give us hope and an opportunity for change, which is why it's important to know how to set them effectively! We've all been through listing our goals down for the year, as well as not being able to keep up with them after just a few months in. So, to spare you this disappointment, we've come up with four ways for you to be able to set the proper resolutions to get you pumped up and working to attain your goals for 2016!

1 Ink it.

This is where the saying "out of sight, out of mind" comes into play. Writing your resolutions down is the first step to making them happen. Recording will help provide direction in your attempt to fulfill your goals—it will serve as your reminder of where you need to assign your focus and attention to. So have a sit-down with a pen and paper and ink those resolutions down! Also, after you've written them, make sure to position them some place where you can always see them—your bedroom door, bathroom mirror, or even on your phone! This way, you'll always remember to work on your resolutions.

2 Be idealistic, but realistic.

Often times, we're inclined to chase after those goals that seem almost out of our reach, and hey, there's completely nothing wrong with that! The problem arises when those goals really are hard to reach, that we tend to just give up on them. We accept their impossibility and just stop working for them. Being idealistic is important in setting resolutions–of course you'd want to achieve great things for the year ahead, but you would have to be realistic as well to be effective. Weigh the resources you have and fit your resolutions into these. Don't set your sights too low too—you'll tend to be lax about working for them that you'll end up not achieving anything at all. Design your resolutions with just moderate difficulty and make sure fit them to your needs.


3 Be specific.

"Exercise more. Eat healthier. Improve study habits." You might have already set these resolutions for the past years, and perhaps those years might have ended with you not checking them off your list. The problem lies with their sentence construction—being specific is key to attaining the results you want to see. Try making your resolutions measurable if possible and set specific values. If one of your resolutions is to exercise more, try changing it to exercising five times a week. You can even be more specific by noting which workouts you'll do for each day. Being specific is going deep into what you want to get out of a certain resolution, and it's through this that you can work your way up into finally accomplishing them.

4 Strategize.

Setting resolutions doesn't stop at writing them down. Strategizing is crucial in fulfilling your resolutions. This means making a plan to successfully carry your goals out. Developing strategies goes a long way in making your resolutions effective and attainable, as it provides you a guide on how to achieve what you want. Start to develop strategies by asking yourself questions such as 'how often?' and 'how much?' You can begin to see the scheme to achieving your goals by answering these questions.

What are your new year's resolutions? Share them with us below! We love hearing from you!

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