Have a Mantra + More Ways to Be Confident

Easy-peasy ways to stand taller!
by Becky Kho   |  Feb 2, 2017
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Don't you just envy women who are oozing with confidence? They never stumble on their words or waver in their decisions. Use that envy to your advantage and make these women your role models. Try these confidence builders:

  1. Don't be yourself.

Huh? Yes, don't be yourself! If your first instinct is to be anxious and fearful, pretend you're not. Or if you're always following what other people think, try going with your own opinions for a change. Keep doing it until it becomes your new first instinct.

  1. Have a mantra.

Keep an empowering quote or phrase in your head. Whenever you feel like you're losing your nerve, just recite it to yourself and let it give you a shot of courage. Try these words from Helen Keller: "Life is either a daring adventure or nothing."

  1. Create a confident picture.

Get some magazines and cut out pictures and phrases that define your ideal confident self. Maybe it's a photo of a woman running on the road or tall trees. Stick all the cutouts in poster paper and hang it up in your room. It should serve as a reminder of the kind of person you are striving to become. 

  1. Just stand tall.

Yup! Your body language can really affect the way you act. The more you slouch, the more you pull down your confidence level. If you carry a strong, straight posture, you'll force yourself to act in a strong and sure manner as well.

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This article is originally a part of the "50 Ways to be MOB" story, which appeared in Candy Magazine's July 2001 issue.

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