How to Manage Your Time Between Planning a Debut and School

If you're planning your 18th birthday celebration while neck-deep in schoolwork, this might help!
  |  Jun 14, 2015
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If there's one major challenge you'll encounter as you plan your debut, it'll be managing your time wisely—and we can totally understand why. Juggling between tasks for your debut preps and school can be tough, but neither has to suffer. Here are four tips to help you manage time between your debut planning and school. 

 1  Make a to-do list.
Create a separate list of the things you need to accomplish for your debut and for your school. Then, with a calendar, map out a schedule for doing schoolwork and debut-related tasks. For example, Sunday to Thursday nights are for school, while Friday night to Sunday morning are for your debut. Doing this can help you address commitments without sacrificing the other one. If you need to choose between two important obligations, weigh their consequences and see which tasks can be delegated to your family and friends.  

 2  Don't procrastinate.
The old adage "Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today" still holds true.Procrastinating will only add burden to your list of to-do's, so try to stick to your schedule as faithfully as possible. Make sure you meet deadlines and have set priorities--trust us, you'll love the feeling of crossing tasks off your list. It would also help if you rank the things you need to accomplish based on their importance.

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 3  School first.
Whether it's your food tasting or gown fitting schedule, when your preps conflict with your exams week or other school activities, you should always, always choose school first. Remember that you can always set another date for your debut-related tasks. Your party will be more fun to plan when you're not worrying if you'll pass your subjects, don't you think?

 4  Ask help from family and friends.
Sometimes, the debut preparations and schoolwork may be overwhelming. Accept that you may need help to pull off your party. Ask your mom, BFF, or coordinator to attend debut meetings for you if you can't make it. Get updates from them, and if you have concerns which weren't brought out during the meeting, you can contact your suppliers after school. Remember,you don't have to do everything yourself--it's better to have someone to help you with the planning. 

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