4 Things to Think of If You're Failing in School

by Rejina Maree Catapang   |  Jun 15, 2017
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We all know how terrifying it is to receive an exam result with a failing mark, embarrass yourself in front of the class during recitation, or not meet the deadline of something you've worked so hard for. As much as possible, the goal in school is not to fail, but there will be instances when failing will hit us right in the face without knowing it. Here are some things to think of when you find yourself in the same situation.

  1. Everyone fails at some point in their lives.

ICYDK, nobody is perfect. No matter what you do, you're probably still going to fail at something at least once in your life, and it's fine. It might be unacceptable at first but you'll eventually learn to deal with it and know how to handle it. Take it from Steve Jobs, one of the most successful people in the world. He was a college dropout, labeled as a bad businessman, and was fired from his own company and yet he didn't lose faith and still succeeded. 

  1. Failing is about learning more than what you intended.

When you're having a hard time catching up with your lessons, don't be afraid to reach out to your teacher or ask a classmate. Sometimes, we need someone to tug us from our mistakes (impeding or otherwise) to be able to learn from them. Use this as a chance for you not just to realize where you went wrong but also to learn more than what you expected. 

  1. Failure can be used as motivation.

It's understandable if you feel bad about a botched quiz or a failing mark, but don't dwell on it too much. Every failure leads to another trial so instead of wasting your time thinking and convincing yourself that you're worthless, use this learning moment to push yourself to study harder and do better even in the subject you hate the most. 

  1. Your failures don't define you.

Getting a below average grade doesn't automatically mean that you're a terrible student. It's possible that you just didn't have enough time to study, didn't completely understand your lessons, or were distracted by something. The good thing about failing is it doesn't last forever. There will me more quizzes, projects, exams, and opportunities for you to redeem and prove yourself otherwise.  

What other situations do you need help with? Sound off in the comments below.

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