Here are 4 Fun and Fresh Ways to Announce Your Party

Drum up excitement over your 18th birthday by announcing the party in a fun way.
  |  Dec 21, 2014
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Right after finalizing your debut party details (like the date, location and theme), the next step would be announcing your 18th birthday bash to your guests. How do you tell them so they get excited about your event, too? It's time to ditch the old fashioned announcements and switch to these new and fun ways to announce your debut party. 

  1. Have a Video Teaser
    If you want to show off your acting chops, consider having a video teaser of your upcoming debut. It will not only be an efficient way to announce the details, but it will also create buzz among your guests. Whether you choose to do a music video, short film or a just quick plug of your 18th birthday, you'll surely exercise your creativity with a video teaser. You may also do short but punchy videos on Vine or Instagram to get the word out.

  2. Release an E-blast
    Online invitations, which you can send via email or social media sites, allow you to announce your debut in a creative and affordable way. Upload your debut invitation online, and start tagging your guests--if possible, make the invitation visible only to those you've invited. Or you may also send the invitations via e-mail. Sites like Paperless Post give you access to various templates, so you'll surely find designs that will complement your party.

  3. Use Social Media Hashtags
    Hashtags can easily be picked up by your social media-savvy guests. Think of a unique and creative hashtag for your debut, which your guests can easily remember, and then announce your debut by posting photos, videos, and statuses with your chosen hashtag (Kathryn Bernardo opted for the catchy #Kathryn18). At your debut, you may also ask guests to use the same hashtag when they post content. Avoid using long unreadable hashtags though, as it can be annoying or even difficult to read.

  4. Set Up a Website
    If you're pretty techie, you may set up a website to announce your 18thbirthday party. With a website, you can post the essentials, but you may also include other details, like the dress code or even ask guests what songs they'd like to be played at the event. Don't know how to set up your own website? Sites like Yourtribute can help you create a site from the available templates. In case you want to keep your debut details private, employ a password, so that only the invited guests can access the info on your site.
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