4 Creative Pre-Debut Photo & Video Shoot Ideas That You'll Thank Us For

You won't regret having one of these for your pre-debut.
  |  Dec 6, 2014
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These days, having a pre-debut photo or video shoot is common among debutantes. A pre-debut shoot will not only drum up excitement for your debut party, but it will also give you an opportunity to exercise your creativity. Here are 4 other pre-debut shoot ideas to inspire you.

Music Video
If you're a music junkie (or a SoundCloud addict), show off your singing skills (and even acting skills!) by starring in your own music video. Pick a song that reflects your personality, and interpret it in a different way to add your personal flair. You may also invite your friends to do cameo roles for added fun.

Movie Trailer
Show a
 glimpse of what your debut will be like with a movie trailer or a teaser for your pre-debut. It can showcase some of your debut's details or photo hints of your theme. Just be careful in giving out all the details, as you want to maintain that element of surprise so your guests will still feel excited about attending your debut.


Short Film
Share the story of your life or a part of it by doing a short film for your pre-debut. Craft a story highlighting the major events in your life (like winning a pageant or your travel experiences). Try to connect the film's treatment with your debut's theme or mood. For example, if you've got a bold color motif for your debut, you can go for a punchy film. Don't be afraid to experiment, and be creative!

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Comic Strip
Make your favorite comics come to life by making a comic book-inspired pre-debut shoot. By mixing your photos with images of your favorite comic characters, you can already achieve a distinct look. Think of your favorite scenes, and edit yourself in the picture to make it look like you're hanging out with your well-loved characters.

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