4 Common Debut Mishaps and How to Solve Them Instantly

Prepare with a backup plan-read these tips so you'll know how to deal with mishaps.
  |  Jan 18, 2015
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As you plan your debut, you want everything to be smooth-sailing, starting from the preparations down to the end of your party. But honestly, there's no such thing as a perfect fete. Mishaps always happen and sometimes backup plans aren't enough. Check out our list ofpossible mishaps and how to solve them in an instant.

Gate Crashers and Absent Invitees
The last thing you don't want to happen at your party is to have a fuss with uninvited guests. Unless they're causing any chaos in your debut, welcome them as if they're invited. Should they start a commotion, stay calm and let your organizers handle the situation. As for theabsence of your important guests (specifically, guests that will play a part in the program), there's nothing else you can do but ask your coordinators to immediately approach other guests to replace those who aren't at the party. 


Gown and Shoes Malfunction
You won't be standing still the entire night just to prevent your gown from malfunctions. Bring with you a kit that will help you fix any minor damage that might happen to your gown. (Read: Zap Minor Debut Mishaps! Here's what you should keep in your purse) . As for your shoes, if you feel like your heels are about to snap off while you're dancing, shift your weight to your toes until you get off the dance floor. After that, you may take a break and change your shoes immediately. Or you can just throw caution to the wind and just dance barefoot.

Technical Difficulties
In case a song or video won't play on cue, don't panic. Your host should be able to adlib and make the moment less awkward. You may also prevent this from happening by having atechnical rehearsal and preparing two or three backup files in case the others won't play. When all else fails, your host should be able to segue to another part of the program (like the cake cutting ceremony or a game) for the meantime.

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Late Suppliers
Before your event, set an early call time with enough allowance for emergencies. If you won't hire a coordinator for your debut, make sure you have more than one contact number of each of your suppliers. On the day of your debut, let someone help you with the logistics--accept that you can't do everything by yourself. Ask someone to monitor traffic situations so you can suggest routes to suppliers. In case some of your suppliers arrive really late, be ready to jumble the arrangement of your program to give way to the preparation of the late supplier, or ask a trusted friend or family member to step in and improvise.

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