4 Essentials to Include in the Program If You're Having a Classic Debut

These four traditional debut essentials will help herald your journey to adulthood.
  |  Dec 27, 2014
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The practice of celebrating the debut in the Philippines started way back in the Spanish era, where a girl is formally introduced to the society when she comes of age. These days, however, there's more variety in terms of how debuts are celebrated, and debuts have evolved into modern parties.

While you can celebrate your 18th birthday party in your unique way, time-honored debut practices are still popular—after all, these highlight the fact that you're turning into a lady!

Check out these four essentials of a traditional debut program.

  1. 18 Roses
    Traditionally, this entails receiving roses from the 18 most important men of your life, like your father, your closest male relatives, or friends. After you've been given a rose, you then dance with the giver. Usually, the debutante's dad goes first though, but some debutantes prefer to reserve the last spot for their dads to segue to the father-daughter dance. For an added twist, you may want to incorporate a choreographed dance or use other flowers instead of roses.

  2. 18 Candles
    Candles stand for the light you're going to take with you in your journey to adulthood. This part of the program includes your closest female relatives and friends you look up to. Each of them will light a candle for you and give you well-wishes and advice that you can keep in mind as you grow older. To add your special touch to this practice, you may decorate the candles or put them in elaborate candle holders.

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  3. 18 Treasures
    Elder members of your family and friends are commonly the ones included in the participants for 18 Treasures. They'll be asked to give you gifts that are meaningful or ones that symbolize your personality. As they present you with gifts, they may share anecdotes that explain their chosen gift. They may also impart inspirational messages to guide you along the way.

  4. Cotillion De Honor
    This practice is usually the highlight, and is celebrated to welcome the debutante into adulthood. To do the cotillion de honor, you'll need togather your male and female friends to form nine pairs (including you). After your grand entrance, you and your friends can take to the dance floor and dance the waltz. Choosing to do the cotillion de honor usually entails hiring a choreographer, practicing with your friends, and shouldering your entourage's outfit and rehearsal expenses. If you want, you may incorporate modern songs into your dance sequence.


How are you celebrating your 18th birthday? Dish with other debutante Candy Girls in the comment box down below!

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