4 Back-to-School Friendship Fixes

  |  Jun 4, 2010
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As if a new uniform, a 10-ton economics textbook, and a new set of tightened braces weren't enough, most people have to worry about other stuff-problems that can't be solved by studying for a test or taking painkillers to put an end to a terrible headache. Here's the heads up, Star Student, on how you can beat even the toughest friendship fixes.

Woe-Is-Me Newbie
When your parents said you'd be moving from the far reaches of the south to the traffic of QC, you knew you'd have to say goodbye to friends, familiarity, and even the dirty ice cream that was always waiting for you during dismissal time. You're now in a different world, with new teachers, a new uniform, and no friends. There's no way you can miss first day of class, but the thought of it makes you want to run all the way down South Super just to feel closer to "home."

See the Silver Lining: While being the new kid in town can make you homesick, psychiatrist Dr. Monica Cardinez-Tan says the first step in adjusting to your new environment is to accept that you're in a new place. You aren't going to feel any better if you sit around depressed all day! Blow off some steam, and move on. "It's normal to feel bad," Tan says. "The trick is to carry on. Moving doesn't mean you won't be friends with your old barkada anymore—your old friends don't have to go away."

Set Things Straight: The first day of school can be nerve-wracking if you're an earthling lost in another galaxy. Getting used to your friends not being there 24/7 can't be remedied in a snap, but getting a handle on your new surroundings is one thing you can fix with a pre-first day visit to your new school. "Know the ropes before classes begin," advises Tan. "Ask if there's a guidance counselor who can help you out." A million and one little things can help you break into your new routine; get used to the uniform, and learn how to get around your new school before classes actually start. Don't be afraid to do the legwork. For sure, someone—a teacher or an older student—will be available to help you out. And when things get to be too much? Your trusty old pals are just as far as a text, phone call, or a ride down the Skyway.


What happens when your BFF is suddenly a hottie and you're a nottie? Read more on the next page.

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