3 Ways You Can Stay Connected with Your Friends Even While You're in a Relationship

by Ayessa De La Peña   |  May 10, 2017
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TBH, just because you're in a relationship doesn't mean you have to take your friends for granted already. We know it's tempting to just spend every waking moment of your life with babe, but please don't ditch your best friends. They've been with you through thick and thin, and you've shared an amazing relationship!

So whether you're guilty of ditching your friends for the babe or you want to try and reconnect with your best friends, here are three ways you can start that right away!

  1. Initiate the planning.

Most friends expect that one friends get in a relationship, they'll be ditched to the sidelines. So instead of waiting for them to initiate all the planning for your next barkada date, start the planning yourself! Tell them you miss spending time with them and make an effort to set the date, time, and place for this. Yes, it will be hard to find a schedule that will work for all of you, but it will be worth it. Promise!

  1. Don't bring your boyfriend to your barkada dates.

Unless, of course, you told them you're introducing babe to them and they said yes. Or unless he's a part of your barkada. Aside from the fact that it can get really awkward most of the time, your friends would want to tell you things that they can only share with you. If you bring babe with you, chances are, they won't be comfortable talking about their feelings or that they won't open up to you at all.

  1. Ask them about their lives.

Sometimes, a simple "How are you?" will make their day. Knowing that a dear friend like you cares for them will brighten their mood and who knows, they might need it that day, too. Most of the time, when we get a boyfriend, even our online time is dedicated to messaging them and posting about them. But for a change, connect with your friends! This will help you understand them better and actually make them feel you still care about them even if you're happy and you're already enjoying life.

Remember, Candy Girls, that it really doesn't have to be some big gesture. A simple hi and hello is a big thing, especially in this fast-paced world we live in wherein everyone brags about being sooo busy. The fact that you made time to actually talk to your friends will mean a lot to them.

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