3 Major Signs That You *NEED* to Take a Digital Detox

Kinain ka na ng sistema, besh!
by Melissa Francine Quinal   |  Aug 20, 2017
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"In case you missed it," there goes Twitter serving what has become your daily breakfast in bed.

Most of us are probably guilty of checking our phones first thing in the morning regardless of being half-awake. If someone entered your room and took away everything inside it, you will first know Katherine's tweets from an argument with her boyfriend last night; everything that happened at Michaela's birthday party from another island through her Instagram stories; and what half of your 1,500 friends are up to through your newsfeed before noticing that everything inside your room—except for your bed and your phone—is missing.

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Being on the internet and engaging ourselves in social media isn't totally a bad thing. But just like everything else, we need to be responsible users and consider our limitations and see that there are a lot more things outside the internet that we should engage in and prioritize. How? Here are the three major signs:

  1. You fail to accomplish school/org work because you spend too much time on your social media accounts.

Sure, it's okay to check your social media accounts occasionally and be updated with your friends and whatever is happening on the internet, given that this also tells you about what's happening in your community or even in the world. But it would be better if you accomplish your necessary work first before lying down and scrolling through your accounts. Constantly refreshing your feed when it has nothing new and relevant to show just means you can now log out and do something more productive.

  1. During events or gatherings, you are always busy finding the perfect angle for your photos and videos that you end up missing the fun.

Capturing photos and videos of memorable events are your way of having constant reminders of how these days and certain people made you feel. But there are certain memories that are enough to be enjoyed especially when you are in the moment, without you holding your phone and missing the little things because you are busy with getting the perfect angle. 

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  1. You are more connected to the people on the internet than the actual people around you.

The internet has truly made it easy for us to reconnect with people who live miles away from us and even those we have never even known. However, spending too much time trying to connect with people that we find impossible to personally communicate with also somehow disconnected us from the actual people around us.

We find ourselves scrolling our phones most of the time that we forget to spend time with the people who live exactly in the same house as we do. When we get good news, do we tweet it first before even telling our loved ones? Exactly.

Taking a digital detox doesn't mean you need to take down all your social media accounts, never go online, and go live in a cave. It just means that you need to take a break from using social media and try to correct any of the three issues stated above that you have. We are in a modern world, there is nothing wrong in catching up with modernism as long as you don't get all caught up.


How long do you think you'd last on a digital detox? Give it a try and tell us how it goes!

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