3 Last Things High School Seniors Should Relish RN

Sadly, it doesn't last forever.
by Aaliyah Ybanez   |  Nov 14, 2015
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In a matter of four months, March will be here. And so will your graduation. In a blink of an eye, your four years in high school will be over and it will be time to move on to a different chapter in your life. But before you get up and go, here are some of the things that you shouldn't just take for granted in your remaining time as a high school student.

 1  Your teachers

Everyone knows how draining it is to sit in a classroom the whole day and answer different problems from different subjects. It's really hard. But every year you have people who go through it with you–people who will always be there if you have any questions or if you just need some words of support. Teachers are akin to parents, and although they may be frustrating sometimes, we have to admit that you wouldn't be able to go through everything if it weren't for their help, if it weren't for them constantly inspiring you and putting in so much effort into helping you remember all the things we learn in class.


 2  Your school

Remember that time when you entered your first high school classroom? How it felt like to finally be part of the high school student body, where it felt like you were a mature young adult but you still had the heart of a kid? Now it feels surreal walking through those same hallways and reminiscing about the times you used to spend in each one and the memories you've created in each nook and cranny of your school. Even though we may hate going to school, it has become your second home. It's where you grew up, where you found our friends, and where in the mix of all the jumble and jams, you found, maybe even just a little part of yourself.

 3  Your classmates

Classmates is how you would describe them to your guidance counselor; friends to your parents, and soul mates is what they really are to you. They say that you're bound to meet one person who will drastically help shape and mold who you are, well, they're wrong. You meet more than one, and they're called your friends. Through absolutely everything, they were there, experiencing it with you. From the messy breakdowns to the most exuberant experiences, you'll always remember having them by your side. You've seen them grow up from their most nene phase into the people they are and they've seen you grow up to the person you are–they know every heartbreak, every foolish decision, every triumph, and most possibly, every side of you. There's a quote that goes, "College friends know who you are, high school friends know why," and that's because you've been with each other for absolutely everything.

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And so, no matter how different each of our high school experiences are, we can all agree that high school is significant, it's life changing, and it's a chapter that you definitely will miss but will definitely treasure in your heart.  

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