3 Labels That Girls With Lots of Guy Friends are Tired of Hearing

Enough with the "malandi" already!
by Mara Agner   |  Jun 26, 2017
Image: Noah Schnapp | instagram.com/noahschnapp
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It would take the whole day to list all the perks of being friends with guys because they make amazing friends, but like most things in life, there are also downsides to it, like being called names like these:

  1. Malandi

Girls who hang with guys a lot always get judged as either malandi or someone who enjoys the attention given to her by guys, when in truth, some girls just feel more comfortable interacting with guys because they grew up with a bunch of them or are close with the men in their families.

  1. Tomboy

Being asked or assumed that you're a tomboy is a close second to being called malandi. It's like people have this checklist of reasons why you're friends with guys, in which ~*friendship*~ isn't included. Just because you like being around boys and enjoying the same things they do doesn't automatically make you a lesbian. And who cares, anyway. Sexual orientation isn't the basis of friendship. Being a decent person is.

  1. Boyfriend snatcher

Even if you're the nicest human being alive, when you're friends with guys, it doesn't matter. You're always a threat to your guy friends' current or would-be girlfriends. Some girls wouldn't say a word but would always be keeping an eye on you and looking for hints that you like her guy like it's their job, while others would go straight to the point and tell you to keep away from her guy.

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At the end of the day, judgments like these may be hurtful for some even when delivered as a joke. It'd be nice to keep in mind that girls and guys can be friends (the fact that this has to be said in this day and age is baffling) without malice, benefits, or hidden agenda.

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