20 Secrets Beautiful Girls Know

Bloom into the gorgeous girl you are—inside and out—with these beauty secrets!
by Monique L. Buensalido   |  Jun 24, 2008
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You cleanse, tone, moisturize-and use egg yolks to add shine to your hair. But you still don't feel beautiful. Don't give up just yet! It's not hard to bloom into the gorgeous girl you want to be. All you need are the right beauty secrets-the kind that enhance your inner and outer beauty.

  1. Beautiful girls smile. The quickest way to give yourself a beauty boost? A simple flash of your pearly whites! Your eyes light up, and your cheeks glow. It seems too easy to look absolutely radiant, but try it-you'll see and feel the results right away. Break the ice, close the gap, win a friend-smile!
  2. Beautiful girls love their bodies. Crash diets? Late night TV sessions? Self-bashing in the mirror? It's time to show your body the respect it deserves with a balanced diet and a healthy outlook. Instead of throwing nasty remarks at yourself, start telling yourself what a great bod you have! Learn to appreciate your body instead of despise it! Kick your bad habits, and stick to a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Beautiful girls flaunt what they have. Beautiful girls know their best assets and are proud of them. Whether it's a pair of long legs, an awesome singing voice, or a knack for cracking jokes, they're not afraid to let people see them at their best. Be proud of what you have and what you can do! Show the world what you're made of. When you're looking your best and doing your best, you'll dazzle people with your confidence.
  4. Beautiful girls are prepared for any emergency. How do some girls squirm out of a dilemma and still remain gorgeous? Easy-they're prepared! Instead of panicking, they calmly dig up their secret tricks to solve their problems. A big, red zit on the morning of your big date? All it needs is a warm compress and concealer. Caught in the middle of a fight between best buds? A cup of coffee and a heart-to-heart talk with them will do wonders. By thinking rationally and evenly, you'll keep your cool and look that way, too.
  5. Beautiful girls walk tall. When you want to talk the walk, all you have to do is throw your shoulders back and stand tall. Your good posture will make all the difference when you're in a crowd. You'll stand out among the rest of the people slouching and shuffling their way through. You'll look taller, thinner, more confident.
  6. Beautiful girls aren't damsels in distress. Pretending to lose your dog in the park to get a boy to notice you isn't cool. Neither is coyly asking him to teach you basketball when you're actually good at it. Stop fooling him-and yourself! Don't sacrifice your capabilities just to get some guy's attention. Guys are impressed when you prove you're capable of many things. Show him what a computer whiz you are. Politely refuse when the bag he offers to carry for you isn't too heavy. Let your feminine strength shine through, and you'll take his breath away.
  7. Beautiful girls have secret weapons of their choice. There's nothing like a beauty boost to brighten a girl's day. Whether your hair just won't curl right, or school's stressing you out, you need that secret weapon to perk you up. All you have to do is find it. Do you feel prettier when you wear lip gloss? Do people admire your hair when you leave it down? Discover your weapon, and use it whenever you like! Not only will you look great, but you'll feel pretty good, too.
  8. Beautiful girls know their beautiful booty. Beautiful girls don't just slap sweet-smelling cream on their faces because they liked its packaging or it promised to remove their pimples. They consult dermatologists, their mothers, friends, and magazines to see if the product will work for them. They understand words like benzoyl peroxide and alpha hydroxy acids because of their research. Don't waste your money on products that won't do you any good. Get to know the ones that are effective, and stick to them.
  9. Beautiful girls dare to be different. There's just something so beautiful about girls who stand out-thanks to their imagination, creativity, and guts. The best trends start from that one innovative person who isn't afraid to experiment. Don't be afraid to go against the crowd. Mix colors, add vintage pieces to your wardrobe, have fun!
  10. Beautiful girls accept compliments. Next time someone pays you a compliment, respond with a sincere "Thank you!" Accepting compliments isn't a sign of arrogance. When you refuse to believe people's praises, your insecurities reveal themselves. Charm people with your confidence and graciousness. Thank them for their kind words. They'll be glad they told you so.
  11. Beautiful girls can fly solo. Table for one? Heck, yeah! You don't have to be around people all the time. No parents to accompany you to the supermarket? No gaggle of friends to help you shop? No boyfriend to hold your hand at the movies? No problem. There's much to be gained from solitude. Independence allows you to make decisions and overcome insecurities. You won't always have your friends beside you so don't be afraid to do things by yourself.
  12. Beautiful girls have beautiful minds. Beauty and brains, when put together, can be a lethal weapon. With this powerful combo, you'll be able to amaze, silence, and help other people. So when you're thinking of ways to beautify yourself, don't forget to feed your brain as well! Read more books, watch more documentaries, listen in class, and talk to people. The smarter you get, the faster the mouths will drop in awe of you.
  13. Beautiful girls aren't afraid to experiment. The perfect hairstyle for you is out there. You just have to find it! Try new looks. Curl your hair. Have it layered. Change your part. Before you know it, you'll be sporting the look you want. The same goes for makeup shades, necklines, and more.
  14. Beautiful girls care. Here's the real deal: beautiful girls get involved. They do something about what's important-from poverty to the environment to a best friend's heartbreak. What do you believe in? Don't just sit pretty. Stand up, and make a change.
  15. Beautiful girls refresh themselves. Twenty-four hours is a bit too long for a fresh face to stay that way. Renew your glow in the middle of the day! Brush your hair, eat a light snack, and stretch-you'll be bouncing back in no time. No matter how tiring the day was, you'll feel much better once you touch-up.
  16. Beautiful girls are fighters. Flashing eyes, raised brows, and a steady stream of moving arguments-girls are beautiful when they know how to fight back every time they're abused, ignored, stepped on, or mistreated. See something you don't think is right? Go ahead, get livid.
  17. Beautiful girls ask for help. Even if you expertly fix yourself up, you don't know everything there is to know about getting gorgeous. There's a lot to learn from others if you just ask. They can help you find your perfect brow shape, the cutest outfits, and even your best angle in pictures. Ask your mom, best friend, even your hairstylist for their opinion. Sift through the things they say, then decide what's truly best for you.
  18. Beautiful girls bring out the beauty in other girls. Isn't it sad when a fabulous girl you know feels awful about herself? We all need someone to remind us how awesome we are. Treat her to a facial, give her a massage, lend an ear, pay her an honest compliment. Be supportive and positive, and soon she'll realize she really is beautiful...and you are, too!
  19. Beautiful girls are committed to themselves. When you promise to exercise, stick to it. When you tell yourself you'll stop sleeping with your makeup on, do it. We make a lot of promises to improve on our lifestyles, but it's fulfilling them that makes all the difference. Realize your goal: Straighter hair? Clearer skin? An earlier bedtime? Then gradually take steps to achieve it.
  20. Beautiful girls see the beauty in life. Life has millions of mysteries and intricacies, and we'll never understand all of them. What matters is that we appreciate life's beauty and are thankful for all we have. Think about the wonderful things that happen every day-your jokes make someone laugh, your crush smiles at you, your boots make you feel tall. Life may not be perfect, but it sure is beautiful.


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