16 Things Every Early Bird Can Relate To

Because being perpetually punctual is both a blessing and a curse.
by Arianna Tan   |  Feb 4, 2016
ART Jem Mirador
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Not all people are morning people and definitely not everyone is punctual, especially with Manila traffic. But for those who value the gift of time, being an early bird brings them a lot of opportunities (and a handful of awkward situations). If you are that friend in your group who always arrives on time, scroll down and read on to see which of these things you can relate to!

  1. You don't rush in the morning.

    You get to do your makeup, choose the right clothes, and eat a hearty breakfast in the morning without any hurry. Sometimes, you even get to squeeze in a little exercise to kick start your day!

  2. Your watch is advance.

    Being ten minutes early for everything never hurt anyone!

  3. You always leave an hour early.

    Unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances along the way can happen every day and you probably have imagined all possible nightmares in your head. "What if the driver gets lost?" "What if we get a flat tire?" "What if there's an accident?" Having that extra hour as your safety cushion makes you feel relaxed and stress-free during the trip. 

  4. You feel productive.

    Exercise, done! Chores, done! Homework, done! By the time people start waking up, you've already accomplished so much. Triple yay!

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  5. You arrive way too early sometimes.

    You get to class before your professor, shops are still closed when you arrive, or even worse, you arrive at a party while they are still preparing. Eep!

  6. You are always on the phone.

    You always keep your phone charged and always have a powerbank in your bag because you'll never know how long you'll be scrolling through your Twitter feed while waiting for your friends. Sometimes you even pretend to be busy just to avoid looking like a lonely gal, but in reality you’re just flooding your late friends with "Where are you?" texts.

  7. That awkward moment of being alone in the table.

    And you feel like everyone is judging you for being alone. Plus, the waiter keeps coming to your table asking for your order and asking if you're still expecting company. Talk about adding insult to injury!

  8. That moment when you are all set but everyone else is not yet done preparing.

    And you just sit on the couch wondering if you are ever going to leave.

  9. But of course nothing is worse than someone cancelling plans when you're all dolled up!

    I mean, how could you?!

  10. You dislike waiting for late people.

    You feel like you are wasting your time and you can't help but think abotu why they can't wake up and prepare as early as you do.

  11. But you still love your late friends.

    Although you still secretly wish and hope that they'll come earlier the next time.

  12. Even if you try to be late you still end up being the first person to arrive.

    So you finally made a conscious decision to be late for your friend's party but turns out, you're still the first person to get there.

  13.  You fill everyone in on what happened.

    Since you arrived first in class, people always ask you what already happened. "Did the teacher check attendance already?" "Has anyone passed their homework?" These are all very standard.

  14.  You always plan things with your friends one hour earlier.

    This is to ensure that no one comes late and everything goes according to schedule, but you still always, always, have that one friend who just can’t seem to shake off being late, ever.

  15. When you were late for the first time EVER.

    You felt super bad for making your friends wait and even appologize over a million times.

  16. Actually catching the worm.

    But then again, the cliché is actually true. The early bird catches the worm. You get great seats in class, the best bargain during a sale and of course, you get that early bird award during an event!

Can you relate? 

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