15 Ways to Show How Much You Love Your BFF

For all the cray things we've put them through, it's time shower them with love.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Feb 27, 2016
Majoy Siason
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  1. Knapsack of Hope
    A collection of everyday items to remind your best friend: It includes a star to keep on shining, a paper clip to hold things together, an eraser to fix small mistakes, a key to open doors to new opportunities, a coin for prosperity, and a rubber band to stretch beyond their limits.

  2. Friendship Box
    Reuse an old box and jazz it up with washi tape and wrapping paper. Then simply place your favorite things inside that you'd like to share or remind your BFF of.

  3. Happy Jar
    The perfect present to make your best friend's smile even when you're away. Simply fill up a jar with notes of memorable times, fave quotes from books and concert or movie tickets.

  4. 20 Things in a Jar
    A fun alternative, fill the jar instead with items that only you and your best friend understand. Get creative and relive the moments together!

  5. BFF Photoshoot Ideas
    Take out the selfie stick and amp up your IG game with ideas from this list, plus get guaranteed fun with your own shoot.

  6. Galentine's Party
    Valentine's might be over but who says you can't throw a Galentine's party in honor of some bestie love. Gather all your friends for a fun night!

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  7. BFF Emoji Necklaces
    Show friendship love with BFF jewelry. This diy features a cute emoji design but you can totally do the fave emoji you and your bff use the most.

  8. 27 Next-level Friendship Bracelets
    From simple knot bracelets to wooden cuffs and flower bands, take your friendship to the next level with this DIY.

  9. DIY Photo Playing Cards
    Gift your bff a customized deck featuring a fun photo or quote on each one.

  10. DIY Mexican Mugs
    Great to give to a tea or coffee loving bff, instead of the usual monogram or message mug create one in a fun print similar to this Mexican-inspired pin.

  11. Countdown Calendar Candle
    Give your bestie a pre-bday present in a form of a vanilla-scented sprinkles candle that she can light each day as she counts down to the big day.

  12. You're Like Really Pretty Message Mirror
    Give a boost of self-esteem each time your bestie looks in the mirror. Add a message or quote from a movie, this pin shows one from Mean Girls and use black tape to cut and tape it on.

  13. DIY Eye Slippers
    Make your best friend feel glam right down to her toes with a pair of customized slippers. This pin features a cute wink design but you can also make your own.

  14. DIY Marbled Makeup Brushes
    You and your makeup-loving bestie will enjoy doing this DIY project together. With some nail polish and a bowl of warm water, gently swirl handles of your makeup brushes to create the marbled effect.

  15. Realistic Best Friend Contract
    On a simple notebook, write down a contract between you and your best friend inspired by this pin. Use the journal to jot down moments and photos.

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