15 Truths About Growing Up a Girl

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by Melanie Santiago   |  Sep 9, 2017
Image: Patrick Martires
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  1. Sleeping Beauty-ish

Disney finally got it right, girls.

  1. Salad Stereotypes

Looking at the dessert menu after eating the salad because #YouDeserveIt.

  1. Bras

No one has the time to adjust straps, like please, just stay put.

  1. Texting

Don't even think about smiling over a text or they'd want to see who it is, too.

  1. Essentials

And buying a new pack of each is really exciting!

  1. The Flow

Also, sneezing, walking, standing, and everything else in between.

  1. Growing up with male siblings

Where do we even start?

  1. Au Naturel

This is the reason why the no-makeup makeup look exists.

  1. Hair Inspo

Because you know you’ll look cute in both but can’t have it all. 

  1. Sit Like a Girl

It's just waaay more comfortable.

  1. Fandom

Becoming besties stat because you know your fandom game is strong.

  1. Hair Tie Problems

And it's the only pony you have.

  1. Lotion

You know there's still a lot left in there, just got to make the effort to get it all out.

  1. The Strut

When you've made it through the day while on your period.

  1. Food

When people underestimate your capacity to eat a whole meal because you are a girl.

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