15 Things A Girl Goes Through When Thinking of Going To Prom

by Vicky Marquez   |  Jan 28, 2015
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  1. You're probably on the fence about having a date.

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    Should you look for a date, should you even have a date? There's no one you'd like to really ask, in particular... And even if you do, you're not sure if it's going to work.

  2. Having a date is being 50% on your way to achieving your dream prom sequence, right?

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    Just like the movies. High School Musical, Harry Potter (the Yule Ball is some sort of a prom, right?), Twilight, the Internet is overflowing with gifs of romantic couples dancing (and almost none with just friends dancing. What is up, Hollywood?!). If you already have someone, that's great! We hope you enjoy your prom.

    But if you still have someone just in mind, or you're choosing between options, or you're being asked by many, or you're being set-up by a friend to a blind date, or you're genuinely confused... Ask yourself:

  3. Can you really risk having the worst, most awkward conversations ever?

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    Where the proverbial bird in this GIF is having more fun than you?

  4. Or what if you suddenly realize he has body odor or no sense of humor or not actually interested in spending the night with you?

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    And you can't rant to anyone because they're all busy dancing.

    watch now
  5. Or what if being with a date comes with too much extra baggage and drama?

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    Ohhh boy.

  6. Can you really imagine spending prom being insanely self-conscious?

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    You can stop touching your hair now, Ariana.

  7. Don't let the need for a date kill the prom vibes.

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    We know how important prom can be, in our heart of hearts. So if you go (and we believe you must, at least once), then do it on your own terms. Take it from Kat Stratford from 10 Things I Hate About You.

  8. Decide to have a good time, round up some friends, and go.

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    Be the life of the party!

  9. Because when you're with friends:

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    Can anything even suck?

  10. And come on, high school doesn't last forever.

    PROM Movie montage GIF
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    #Cheesy, but true. "I had so much fun with my friends dancing!" may not sound like an exciting prom story (come on, all your friends are saying versions of that), but it really does make for a great night. And you'll look back with fond and pleasant memories instead of tears and shudders and regret.

  11. So don't get a date just for the sake of having a date.

    Jimmy Fallon and Rebel Wilson GIF
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    If you're going to go with one, you might as well make sure he can ride your version of having fun. Like Jimmy Fallon and Rebel Wilson doing their improv dance competition. (We're not sure how you can beat this tandem, though.)

    If not...

  12. Why risk it?

    Benedict Cumberbatch eyeroll GIF
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    Or else you'd be doing this the whole night. (And that will positively dry your eyes out. And make it hurt. And you'll be tearing up, but not for reasons people think. And now you have to defend yourself. Oh no.)

  13. Shimmy, babes, shimmy!

    Beyonce Single Ladies music video GIF
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    Go do your dance, girlfriend!

  14. Oh, and PS:  Don't let what other people say cramp your style.

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    Date, no date? Who cares? You don't have to defend yourself.

  15. Having a date is not the most important thing at prom—having good, wholesome, memorable fun is.

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    Just do your thing and you'll be fine.

Are you going to prom this year? Have you decided whether or not you're going with date? Dish with other Candy Girls in the comments below!

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