15 Simple Things You Can Start Doing to Make You Stand Out

Find out how confidence can be your biggest shine factor.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Aug 5, 2017
Image: Unsplash
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  1. Love Yourself

Confidence isn't based on what other people think of us, it comes down to how highly we think of ourselves which for the most part may be quite opposite. This pin covers acceptance and self-love, the first step in gaining confidence.

  1. Girl Power Playlist

Sing along to Beyonce who knows who really runs this world or your fave artists that give you that energy and positive vibe, plus points if you can sing it too!

  1. A Woman to Look Up To

We really love Emma Watson but there are so many women out there who have an amazing story to tell, research about their struggles and achievements so you can get inspired by what you are capable of. Pin their quotes to your Inspiration board.

  1. Move

Whether it's dancing or a favorite sport, don't forget to engage in a physical activity. Your body also needs to be in good health; even simple stretches can make a stressed mind calm. Try it out!

  1. Dress for Success

The general rule is to love what you wear, if you feel good about those shoes or cute cap, you'll have the tendency to flaunt yourself, so go ahead and strut that pedestrian crossing! Let this board inspire your style and personality.

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  1. You are Awesome

Give yourself a moment every day to stare at the mirror and tell yourself how awesome and beautiful you are. Match it with this gorg DIY mirror with crystal frame.

  1. Give Yourself a Pep Talk

In the same mirror, give yourself words of encouragement. Chant affirmations and read quotes out loud. You'll be surprised at how amazing it feels.

  1. Journal What You Love About Yourself

Work on a self-love journal that reflects your strengths, talents and your fave things that make you happy. A physical reminder you can flip through when you need a confidence boost. This journal is giving off major inspo!

  1. Pay a Compliment

Acknowledging someone's cute outfit, hair or trait brings positive vibes, especially when it makes them smile, feels good doesn't it? Let that fuel your self-esteem.

  1. Watch Your Self Language

Negative thoughts like you aren't good enough, not pretty enough, not thin enough and so on does nothing but drag you down. Instead of maximizing your talents to see what you can achieve you stop yourself from trying at all. What you should be stopping is that negative thought from taking over, so next time, ask these questions.

  1. Take a Selfie

Because it's a celebration that you are awesome! Take one with a friend and in a new environment, get creative! This woman has turned her bathroom mirror into an adventure. 

  1. Be Grateful

We are thankful to all you amazing Candy Girls who have supported us for all these years. The best feeling you can get is contentment.

  1. Photo Album of Love

Isn’t this cute heart-shaped album the best way to store all the pics of people you love? Include your pets too, and everyone that makes you smile. So you can grin silly when you need that pick-me-up.

  1. Smile!

You look ten times better even without makeup! Yes, that is a pupcorn and yes, you are welcome.

  1. Start a Compliment Jar

Write down the cheesiest pick-up lines and other quotes on a piece of paper to put into a jar. So starting tomorrow, you can pay yourself a compliment, smile, laugh and have a great day ahead.

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