15 Reasons Why Being Single Rocks

Relationship status: single and having a blast!
by Athena Cartagena   |  Feb 25, 2013
photo courtesy of The CW (The Carrie Diaries)
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  1. You can sing and dance to Beyoncé's "Single Ladies" with full conviction and attitude.
  2. You  won't have to reply to texts like "h1 bH4v3, I m1schh u 0lr3d1." Kidding!
  3. You will never have to miss out on a date with your best girlfriends.
  4. You can have as many guy friends as you like without having to worry about someone being jealous or thinking that you're too flirty.
  5. Simply put: there is less drama in your life!
  6. You can invest more time on more important things, like your passions and academics.
  7. You will never be disappointed in gift-giving occasions because you will always know what to get yourself.
  8. You can take care of your pets, friends and family more.
  9. You're free to join in on spontaneous parties, trips and events! The only persons you'll have to check in with are your parents.
  10. Any bouts of loneliness you might feel can easily be remedied by a Ryan Gosling/Michael Cera/ Zac Efron movie marathon.
  11. Being able to revel in the feeling of independence.
  12. You won't have to worry about breaking up.
  13. You can be lazy and anti-social when you want to.
  14. Going to the movies alone seems like such a sad idea but it proves to be a good experience!  No one to whisper side comments and you have the popcorn all to yourself!
  15. You have all the time to learn to love yourself. :)

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