15 Lists Worth Making When Life Gets Overwhelming

It's just as satisfying to list down and to check off something on your list.
by Melanie Santiago   |  Jul 8, 2017
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  1. To-do List

When life gets overwhelming, slow down and list all your to-dos. When you've got every single task jotted down, you can schedule what to tackle on a certain day.

  1. Gift List

It may not be the holidays but who says you have to wait for it to start planning? List down your recipients and pair it with a gift you think they’ll love; it’ll be so much easier when the occasion arises.

  1. Playlist

Make a playlist for every mood so you have a playlist to suit whatever feels you have at the moment and get you out of a funk.

  1. Journal Ideas

Writing down your thoughts can be therapeutic, this list of journal prompts is a nice guide for you to list down what topics you want to write about or ask yourself in the future.

  1. Self-Care List

Everyone needs a reminder to love oneself from time to time, and a self-care list is a relaxing, fun or healthy set of activities that are personally helpful to you.

  1. Movie List

This is your go-to list on days when you have nothing to watch, a list of movies for each category will help you expand your must-watch flicks.

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  1. Things You Want to Learn

This list is a reminder to keep growing. You are capable of accomplishing a lot so be sure to list down skills that you want to learn, big or small.

  1. Best Friend Bucket List

Get your best buds and create a bucket list you could all do together, make it personal and make it fun! A list like this helps ensure you guys stay close throughout life.

  1. Travel Bucket List

Explore the world! Go out and experience different cultures, we live in such a beautiful place that you need to start making a list dedicated for your future trips.

  1. Goals! Goals! Goals!

Give yourself direction, a list of goals will help you focus and encourage you to pursue your dreams. Don't mind how silly or big they may seem, it’s important to recognize them.

  1. Gratitude List

A list of things and people to be thankful for in your life is a humbling experience and keeps your grounded.

  1. List of Expenses

Enumerating your expenses gives you the bigger picture of where you allowance goes. This list helps you asses what you can save on instead of spend.

  1. What to Do When You're in a Bad Mood

Give yourself a quick pick me up list, something that's sure fire to make you instantly better when you're sad.

  1. Motivational Quotes

List down your favorite motivational quotes or print out your Pinterest board and make a visual list to keep you positive and confident.

  1. Wish List

From books to gadgets, list everything that you want down, from here you can check what you really want and prioritize saving for it.

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