15 Life Hacks Every Candy Girl Should Know

Discover new ways to reuse old items and simple tricks that will change the way you tackle life's challenges!
by Melanie Santiago   |  Nov 2, 2014
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  1. Permanent Marker Stain Away Solutions
    Imagine getting permanent ink stains on your fave shirt or writing with a permanent marker on a white board. Yikes! This pin shows you what to grab to save you from ruining your outfit and possibly getting yelled at the next time you get it on the wall or carpet, too!

  2. Unsightly Bruises
    Into sports or just accident prone? Easily diminish bruises by soaking a cotton pad with vinegar and applying it directly on the mark. Do this twice a day to speed up the healing process!

  3. New Ways to Use a Bobby Pin
    This pin shows you the right technique to lock in a bobby pin, plus other cute ways you can wear them.

  4. Makeup Hacks
    We're no professional artists so simple ways like using a spoon as a guide for a winged eye liner or to prevent mascara from sticking to your lids w is of great help. Click this for easy makeup application tips.

  5. Makeup Expiration Guide
    You'd be surprise about how much of your makeup has already gone bad! Save your skin by tossing out those cosmetics way past its due date.

  6. Unexpected Ways to Help You Study Better
    Try spraying a unique scent or eating a particular flavor of gum right when you are studying and right before you take an exam, the scent/flavor will help you better remember what you studied. Find other tips like these by checking out the pin.

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  7. Money Saving Tips for the Beauty Junkie in You
    Instead of using expensive makeup remover, baby oil does the same job of getting rid of makeup just fine, other thrifty tips in this pin include, how to get most out of your perfume and how to get every drop from your cosmetic tube.

  8. Tea Time for Every Time
    Instead of purchasing over the counter medication for common ailments, did you know that simple kinds of tea can also help? This chart helps to show which type of tea is best!

  9. Tea Bag Deodorizer
    Alternatively, you can also use dry tea bags to remove odor from shoes or gym bags.

  10. Ways to Make the Best Out of Google
    This pin shows you how to use Google, and yes that may sound silly but you'd be surprised at how you can really maximize the accuracy of your searches using simple characters or symbols.

  11. How to Save a Wet Cellphone
    If you have ever dropped a gadget in water than you know the panic and heartache that it brought, for those whose time has yet come, this pin might just save your drenched phone from no return or you from buying a another unit, a waterproof one no less.

  12. How to Neatly Fold and Store Your Plastic Bags
    Time to get organized and eco-friendly at the same time, save up reusable plastic bags in one container or box by folding them neatly into a triangle. The shape and size doesn't take too much space and you end up with one common area where you can easily get plastics when you need it.

  13. Instant Mood Lifter
    Did someone or something make you feel happy today? Write it down on a piece of colorful paper and store it in a jar, do this the same for all the times you feel glad and you can simply open one up the next time you feel down.

  14. Other Uses for Toothpaste
    Did you know that you can use toothpaste to stop an itchy bite? Or zap a zit? Click the pin for more ways you can utilize ordinary toothpaste.

  15. Nail Polish Hacks
    Aside from painting your digits a pretty color, you can also use nail polish to clear coat labels and make them smudge proof, or seal the ends of thread which comes in handy when you’re making accessories. Be sure to check out more tips in the pin!

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