14-Year-Old Bullied Teen Gets Plastic Surgery

After getting ridiculed for her appearance, this teen gets a free surgery to pin her ears back. Just right or too much?
  |  Aug 3, 2012
photo courtesy of CNN
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In this CNN feature, a 14-year-old teen girl undergoes plastic surgery to pin back her ears. Nadia Ilse from Georgia had long suffered being called "Dumbo" because of her "elephant ears." She was tired of being bullied and begged her mother for an operation to pin back her ears. Enter Little Baby Face Foundation, an organization that grants free plastic surgery to children who have been born with physical deformities. Nadia ended up getting her nose and chin fixed too (was it needed, really?) in the process of discussing her surgery. Appearing on Dr. Sanjay Gupta's show, she seemed to be very happy with the results and couldn't have it any other way. When asked what she would say to parents whose children were going through the same thing, Nadia shares, "Just give your children a lot of love and affection and tell them that they're beautiful every single day." And we couldn't agree more.


Would you get plastic surgery if you were being bullied?

If it were free, I would. There's nothing I hate more than being bullied because of how I look.
No, I'm surrounded by people who accept me for who I am. I wouldn't change my body for anyone or anything.

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