14 College Courses That Might Not Be Your First Choice

by Kat Estrella   |  Mar 30, 2016
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One of the biggest decisions a soon-to-be college student has to make is choosing a course to major in. College will determine a big part of your future, so it's best to be thorough in making this decision. We often hear from our elders that when we love what we do, we will never work a day in our life again. It's so important that we choose a course in line with our interests, passions, and skills. When we're undecided, it's so easy to play safe and choose a course that is so called "flexible," instead of exploring our options. There are so many courses in the Philippines that are not exposed enough. When applying for a course, make sure to exhaust all means to find the course that will suit you and what you love doing. Here are 14 courses that you probably haven't considered but might be interesting to you!

  1. Animation (CSB, iAcademy)


Dream of being able to share stories through drawings? Imagine a whole new world brought to life by Y-O-U with the use of digital technology.

  1. Cosmetic Science (CEU)

Have you ever wondered how the makeup and perfume you use is made? Cosmetic Science might just be the course for you. In  2002, Centro Escolar University (CEU) pioneered the first ever Cosmetic Science course in the Philippines and in Asia. How fun would it be to actually be able to study make up, and make what once was just your hobby into a career?

  1. Theater Arts/Musical Theater (CSB, UP, ADMU, UST, MINT, Assumption)

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If you see yourself being part of big productions—whether onstage or behind the curtains—you should probably consider taking Theater Arts. The program will allow you study and train in the different areas of theater, such as acting, directing and playwriting.

  1. Dance (CSB)

Skilled in communicating through movement? Maybe you should consider taking up Dance. This is another Performing Arts course which also offers not only training, but also a theoretical study of dance, its historical and cultural aspects.

  1. Clothing Technology (UP Diliman)

Unlike Fashion Design, Clothing Technology does not only focus on design, but also covers research, production, and management.  Whatever career you dream of having in the fashion industry, this course has got you covered.

  1. Music Production/Music Business Management (CSB, MINT)

Familiar with McDo's "Hooray for Today" jingle? MINT student Clara Benin sang this in 2014, and was able to release her own EP album entitled "Be My Thrill" in 2013, which was produced also by MINT students under Music Business Management.  If this is something you see yourself doing in the future, this might just be the course for you.  Learn how to compose songs, produce musical performances, how to market, promote, publish, and license contracts.

  1. Philippine Arts (UP Manila)

If you're  into arts, culture, and history, this might just be the course for you. It will allow you to view our country from an artist's perspective, and study it in its different forms through music, dance, literature and the visual arts.

  1. Prosthetics and Orthotics (UERM)

How life changing would it be to one day be able to make a man with no legs walk? Study the process of making artificial body parts and artificial devices.

  1. Development Studies (UP Manila, ADMU, DLSU)

Do you want to be a catalyst for genuine change? This may be the course for you. Development Studies is a mixture of Economics, Political Science, Social Science and culture. You will be equipped to find solutions to address problems in underdeveloped and developing countries, and analyze  social issues, in a historical, comparative and international perspective.

  1. Geodetic Engineering (UP Diliman)

Want to study the world? Learn different skills in mapping work, geodesy, geographic information systems and oceanography. Besides this, you will also learn laws of public lands and natural resources, land registration laws, contracts and professional ethics.

  1. Sports Science (UP Diliman, UST, BSU)

Are you the ultimate fitspiration? Take it to a whole new level and allow yourself to become a science-oriented sports specialist. Make what you've physically trained for a career for you in the future, and be able to inspire more people to do the same.

  1. Nutrition and Dietetics (CEU)

Have you always wondered what the science is behind taking diets? This course will expose you to the procedures of the use of food for therapeutic purposes. You will also gain the knowledge and skills in the three areas of nutrition, Hospital Nutrition, Public Health and Food Service.

  1. Interactive Entertainment and Multimedia Computing (CSB, FEU, UE)

Do you want a course that involves both programming and art? This course will allow you to study the concepts, techniques and principles of computing in design and development of multimedia products.

  1. Veterinary (UP Los Banos)

Animal lover? Grasp the knowledge and experience in animal production and diagnosis,  the prevention and cure of the clinical disorders and diseases of different animals.

Fun fact: Did you know that UP has a program from students who cannot be full-time students? UP Open  University gives students alternative access to education when other circumstances need to be attended to. The Open University has three undergraduate courses, namely Associate in Arts, Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Studies, and Bachelor of Education Studies.


Have you decided? What course are you planning to take in college?

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