13 Things I Learned From Candy

Our best-est friend just turned 13! Celebrate Candy's birthday by looking back at some of the lessons we've learned from our 13 years of friendship.
by Caitlin Jao, Thea Miranda   |  Mar 13, 2012
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  1. Be true to yourself. Candy has been a constant reminder that the best way to go about life in general is by “Being You.” Let your personality shine through, act natural, and just be yourself.
  2.  There are no rules in fashion. Candy is not just a teen magazine, it's also a style guide! It has changed the lives of teen girls one closet at a time. With a monthly feature on the latest fashion trends, it has taught girls that indeed there are no strict rules in fashion and what matters most is how you carry yourself with confidence.
  3. Chase after your dreams and have the best years of your life. With the insightful stories of the Candy team, from the editor in chief to the staff writers, the magazine has made us realize to live the moment, inspire the lives of others, and turn dreams into reality. That if we fail at one thing, it doesn’t mean it ends there. It is only a sign to try harder and dream bigger.
  4. Live, laugh, love. Candy taught us to love life, laugh at our mistakes, and live without fear and insecurities.
  5. Enjoy a Friday night. Find a balance between schoolwork and play. Sometimes, we just need a Friday night out with our girl friends. We learned how to have fun, take time off, and just enjoy. With the different suggestions of places to visit, food to try, or movies to see, we are always on the go with Candy!
  6. The value of friendship. Candy has literally served as every Filipina girl’s best friend. One that truly understands you inside and out and will never judge you despite all the stupid things we have done. It made us appreciate the value of friendship especially through the struggles of growing up.
  7. How to deal with boys. Sometimes young guys and girls feel like they are too different from one another to really understand how to deal with each other. Candy broke that barrier by spilling the details on how boys really think. With onhand confessions from Candy Cuties, life was made easier by the tips and tricks they gave out on how to communicate and catch up with boys.
  8. Take care of yourself. Candy taught us how to take care of our skin, how to stay in shape, and how to deal with the physical changes we’re going through. After all, we won't be able to make the most out of your life if we don't know how to take care of our body.
  9. It's always possible to move on. Candy taught us that things will be okay no matter what happens. Having tons of advice on breakups and moving on, we’ve found a big sister in Candy who's always there to remind us that no boy can ever keep us down!
  10. Be a wise spender. Shopping is a part of every girl's life but it doesn't mean we can (or should) splurge all the way whenever, wherever we want to. Candy taught us that it's okay to treat ourselves once in awhile, but it's also important to save up and make the most out of what we currently have. Candy shows us how to turn old things into new ones and how to save up for those shoes we’ve been eyeing for months.
  11. Behave properly in different situations. Teen years are so much fun but in order to avoid uncomfortable conflicts, Candy taught us how to act and dress up in different scenarios, may it be going out on your first date, meeting your boyfriend's family, confronting a friend, letting down a guy or even just talking to your parents. A true blue Candy Girl knows that beauty is not just a physical asset but also an attitude of respect.
  12. There are so many things to discover. Whether it's checking out new restaurant, going on a trip, trying out a different hobby or making a DIY project, Candy taught us that there's always something new to do. With its features on food and fun activities, Candy showed us that any dull moment can be turned to fun.
  13. Growing up is fun. With all the changes that happen, most people label the teenage years as that awkward stage in one's life. But Candy taught us to embrace these changes because they're part of growing up and discovering the real you. There may be Oops! moments every now and then but it's all just part of an exciting life.

What did you learn from Candy? We'd love to hear from you, too!

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