13 Habits You Need To Ditch Before 2016

by Arianna Tan   |  Dec 26, 2015
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1 Procrastinating.

We're pretty sure most of us at some point of this school year decided to just chill in bed and contemplate life when we actually had 5 exams and 3 essays to pass. Now, you may have completed all those requirements with the help of coffee and the gods of cramming but procrastinating doesn't feel good in the end. You question yourself if you could have done better or you might even regret the time you decided to binge watch HTGAWM instead of starting with your paper. So this coming 2016, challenge yourself to minimize your study "breaks'' and doing less important things first. Start setting your priorities straight and you’ll see how you can be so much more productive!

2 Saying "yes" to everything and anything.

Let's face it. Saying "no," especially to our friends or a superior is hard. We don't want to come off as rude or unkind but at the same time we can't do everything all at once. Start thinking before you say "yes" to a favor next year. Make sure that you REALLY want to do it and not just being forced to, and most especially not for the reason that you just want to please that particular person. Don't nod your head yes when you want to say no. Be honest and say what you mean in a nice way.

3 Overspending.

Hey, big spender! This upcoming 2016 start saving a part of your allowance (for real this time). Don't get pulled in by stores, especially the ones with big sale banners on the outside. Budget your expenses and have a goal in mind (like a trip to South Korea by the end of the year or a shopping spree, maybe?) to keep you on track!


4 Being on the phone 24/7.

First of all, let's establish that Instagram (and any other social media sites for that matter) is NOT life. Life is outside those screens and perfectly curated feeds! Instead of just seeing the world through your phones, why not see it with your very own eyes? Be adventurous this 2016, Candy Girl! Go on a trip with your best friends, start a new hobby, or try volunteering for organizations! Start collecting memories instead of filling up your phone’s memory. Put down your phone and you'll see how much beauty this world can offer.

5 Overthinking.

Stop worrying about a) things that doesn't really need to be worried about and b) things that are out of your hand. Do not complicate life and put yourself in a difficult situation. Try to let go and accept what is. You’ll be surprised with how much more peaceful you'll feel.

6 Staying up late.

Beginning next year, try sleeping earlier than you usually do. Don't fool yourself by saying that you'll just watch one more episode because we all know that’s not happening and you'll just end up watching five more. Catch more zzzs and feel better in the morning. Not only will sleep improve your skin but it will also help you be more optimistic and ready for the day ahead!

7 Eating too much junk.

Time to cut back on those afternoon coffee runs and midnight deliveries! The road to fitness starts next year, again. For real this time.  Burn everything you ate this holiday season by running or hitting the gym! You can also go on a diet but NEVER a crash diet. Start with something small like minimizing your intake of junk food or sweets and then from there you can start cutting back on carbs. Do some research as well to find out how much calories you need to have per day, what diet suits your way of living, and to know more about the food your eating. It’s all about will power and determination, Candy Girl. You got this!

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 8 Stalking your ex.

It was a bad breakup and you never got that closure you wanted, so you find yourself checking in on him every chance you have. After your stalking spree, all the memories come back and you just feel worse than before. Ditch this habit, ASAP! He doesn't deserve you. Leave him in 2015. And hey, being single this coming year isn't bad at all! You get to treat yourself and do all the things you couldn't do before. Remember that you have to love yourself first before you can love another.

9 Keeping toxic people in your life.

We all have a handful of people in our lives that bring us down–they aren't happy when we succeed and they leave us when we fail. You don't need those types of people in your life next year, or ever. Not only do they serve as barriers for you to reach your full potential, but they can also be a source of negativity in your life. Choose who to keep in your life this coming 2016. These are the people who bring out the best in you, support you no matter what, and the ones who will always be there for you through ups and downs.

10 Being late.

We know that the traffic today is super bad and waking up early, especially on a Monday, is dreadful, but a little punctuality won't hurt next year! Instead of keeping your title as the-friend-who-is-always-late-and-we-are-not-surprised-about-it, why not wake up and get ready a little earlier than usual this coming 2016? Not only can you prepare yourself better, but you'll also surprise your friends and colleagues with your newfound punctuality!


11 Focusing on the negative.

Stop being nega and start seeing the positive things in life! Remember Candy Girl, there's always something good in everything–the good in the bad and the happy in the sad. It may be hard to find at times but if you just dig a little deeper in 2016, we’re sure you'll find wonderful things! Being optimistic can also put you in a better mood and your breathe of positivity can also rub off on others.

12 Comparing yourself to others.

May it be about physical looks, achievements, or just life in general, this is a habit you should definitely leave in 2015. As they say, never compare your beginning to someone else's middle or even end. Celebrate and embrace what you have! Continue to move forward and if you want something, instead of driving yourself insane over it, go out and do something about it. Your time and moment will come, especially if you work for it. But before you can get there, you have to do some extra effort and leg work first. The road to success will never be easy but it will surely be a road filled with lessons and experiences.  

13 Being afraid.

Changes are surely coming this year as well as new challenges, but you should not be afraid! This 2016, be fearless! Do not be afraid to fall in love again. Heartbreak just means that you are one step closer to the guy who won’t break your heart ever again. Do not be afraid to try something new. You might just be able to find your passion by exploring new things. Do not be afraid of change. Change is constant. It’s been happening all throughout your life. Why be afraid now? Do not be afraid to fail. It's better to have tried and failed than to never have tried at all. Finally, do not be afraid of what the future holds. Be excited and be ready instead! 

Have a happy 2016, Candy Girls! Did we forget something? Share with us what habit you’re leaving in 2015 on the comment section below!

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